No More Bull in Barcelona

No More Bull in Barcelona

 “Every country gets the circus it deserves. Spain gets bullfights. Italy gets the Catholic Church. America gets Hollywood.” – Erica Jong

Bullfighting is a dying sport, and I am pleased to announce that this week, Barcelona, Spain banned bullfighting, after animal rights groups gathered 180,000 signatures calling for a legislative debate. The last bullfight in Barcelona (Warning: Graphic): Twelve years ago (August 29, 1999) Notmilk wrote:

Bullfight at San Marcos Fair, Aguascalientes, ...
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 The crowd cheers as a picador riding a blindfolded horse pokes a long sharp-tipped lance into the bull, twisting and turning his weapon so that muscle fibers are shredded and blood streams down the animal’s back. This is not a ferocious bull. The animal frantically looks right and then left for a means to escape. There is none. It has no chance. Colorfully dressed banderilleros run out holding sharp, multicolored ribboned skewers, one in each hand, and forcefully plunge them deep into the animal’s flesh. Ole! That’s the sound of an excited crowd responding to a matador’s sword thrusting deep between the shoulder blades of an exhausted bull. Ole! That’s the roar of the bloodthirsty crowd as the bull collapses upon itself after the sword pierces its heart, gallons of blood spurting and gurgling out of its nose and mouth. Ole! The crowd screams with pleasure as a co-conspirator slices through the spinal cord and the animal begins its deathly shudder. Ole! One last roar as the honored assassin slices off first one ear, then another. Will he later eat these pieces of cartilage with salsa and chips or will they go into his trophy case? Some animals still blink as they are dragged out of the ring by a team of horses. Bullfighting is dead in Barcelona. Ole! :>)

Robert Cohen

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