Killing & Eating Nonambulatory Farm Animals

Datum: Fr, 30 Sept 2011 9:18 am

Killing & Eating Nonambulatory Farm Animals

“Because animals are property, we consider as ‘humane treatment’
that we would regard as torture if it were inflicted on humans.”
Gary Francione

Why do most companion animals seem to die from cancer?
Perhaps it is because of that diseased flesh unfit for
human consumption we call dog food.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the slaughter
of diseased and infirm cows for human consumption. Many
of these creatures have visible tumors growing from their
bodies. Many of these creatures just fall down and never
again get up.

It is no wonder that cows milked three times per day
only live for 35 months after they birth their first
calf. In order to continuously produce their 24
quarts of calcium-rich milk, they live their lives in
excruciating pain after their bones begin to melt
calcium into their blood which is then reabsorbed by
udders which pass that essential mineral into their milk.
These are continuously stressed creatures. We swallow
and digest their pain.

So, cows become “downers”. There are other reasons cows
go down and cannot stand. Such behavior is often a sign
of a prion disease called bovine spongiform encephalitis,
otherwise known as BSE or Mad Cow Disease. By eating diseased
flesh from these infected animals, or by drinking their
infected body fluids, humans sometimes get a brain-wasting
disease called Cruetzfeld-Jacob Disease, or CJD. SEE:


All of the above has been the introduction to a page 587
column from the September 25, 2011 issue of Hoard’s Dairyman,
the national dairy farm magazine.

The entire story:

“California’s nonambulatory law will be reviewed by the
U.S. Supreme Court. The law bans all nonambulatory
livestock from being slaughtered in the state if the animals
are being processed for food. It was passed in the wake
of the Westland/Hallmark Meat Co. scandal in Chino, Calif.

“Hallmark illegally slaughtered nonambulatory cattle and
sold the beef into commerce. Then, a tape of the act was
leaked onto YouTube. USDA banned the slaughter of all
nonambulatory cattle for processing into the food supply.

“The National Meat Association (NMA) filed the original
lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District
of California charging that the law violated the Federal
Meat Inspection Act. The high Court has scheduled the appeal
for its 2011-2012 term which begins October 4th.”


The extremely disturbing above-referenced video:

The meat and dairy producers have developed a brilliant
strategy and creative solution to this problem. They
have successfully lobbied many state legislative bodies
which have since enacted laws making it a felony crime
for animal rights “terrorists” to film animal abuse.

High-priced lawyers will argue for the dairy and
cattlemen. Who will argue for the cows?

United States Supreme Court Contact Information:

Robert Cohen

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