Canada: Gatineau Police Shooting Frightend Cow

Armoiries de la ville de Gatineau
Gatineau police shooting cow 2 

Gatineau Police shooting frightened cow

On Thursday, two cows escaped from a trailer destined for a Quebec slaughterhouse. 

According to a CBC report, both animals were shot by Gatineau police with one of them shot at least 10 times.

Disturbing video of the event, recorded by a by-stander, was posted by CBC.  The video shows numerous police cars blocking roadways as a young steer is seen running along the road.  We see an officer raise his gun and hear six shots ring out as the steer slows to a walk.  The voice of the videographer can be heard saying: “What are they shooting at it for?  That’s not really a gun, is it?!”  The steer continues walking along the roadway and is cornered by four police cars with sirens on.  An officer exits his car.  The videographer is again heard saying: “They didn’t shoot him, did they?” At that moment, standing directly in front of the now-still steer, the officer raises his gun and aims at the head of the steer at close range.  A shot rings out and the steer slowly begins to limp away with his left fore leg raised.  Another shot rings out, followed by two more.  The videographer screams: “OH NO!!” as the steer hobbles off screen.  The video ends.

The shock and horror of this videographer represents the view of the vast majority of Canadians.  The animals presented no real threat, yet they were violently and inhumanely killed by the police.  Had these officers shown this same treatment to a dog, they would be facing animal cruelty charges.

This horrific scene captured for all to see reflects what our inspectors see on a daily basis – government-sanctioned and government-inflicted cruelty toward animals.

How can we expect better from our livestock industry if our government officials hold the same attitudes?  Until those in positiions of authority begin viewing animals as the thinking, sentient beings that they are, more tragedies like this one will occur. 

Please, write a polite letter to Gatineau Police Chief Mario Harel expressing your dismay at the lack of compassion of Gatineau police officers. Remind them that farm animals are sentient beings who experience fear and distress and feel pain.  Ask that protocols be put in place to ensure a more humane response to future incidents with farm animals.

Letters can be sent via the internet through this on-line form

or mailed to:

Chief Mario Harel
Gatineau Police Department
590 Boul Greber
Gatineau, Quebec
J8T 8B8

Thank you all for standing with us in defending Canada’s farm animals!

    I am so frightened by the shooting around in the whole world!

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