Our Father From Eugen Drewermann, German Priest & Autor

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Our Father 
And also remember our older sisters and brothers, the animals.
Revive for their protection your old command from the sixth day of creation,
man must eat from the plants in the fields
but not from the animals (Gen 1.29-30).
Forbid men to kill animals for food.
For they are also sentient beings,
in them too lives the desire to live;
they are our companions on our common road to immortality.
As long as men kill animals they will wage war.
As long as men eat animals, they will torture innocent victims to death:
with hundreds of thousands in laboratories and mega breeding stations,
with millions in town slaughterhouses, in myriads in the oceans.
Their blood may no longer serve as nourishment,
their body no longer as raw material,
their life no longer as food for people.
Forbid us, Lord, our daily meat.
Give us our daily bread.
„Das Vaterunser” – “The Our Father” von Eugen Drewermann
Christ in der Gegenwart – Christ in the present time, Nr. 361 Sept. 91

Photograph: Wikipedia Cleric Priest and Workman Wikipedia  French Mediaval Pulic Domain

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