Spirit & Animal & Nature: Canada: Debris from Japan Tsunami Washes up on British Columbia Shores

Canada: Debris from Japan tsunami washes up on British Columbia shores

Denise Ryan
Vancouver Sun
2011-12-29 16:14:00


Tofino mayor finds sock, toothbrush; items arriving sooner than expected

Beachcombers in Tofino have noticed a significant uptick in debris of Japanese origin on their shores, a sign that items swept out to sea by the tsunami in Japan may have found their way to B.C. earlier than expected.

“In or around Dec. 5th the first item or two of some consequence was found,” said Tofino mayor Perry Schmunk. “Some lumber came ashore that had Japanese export stamps on it.”

On Christmas Day, Schmunk and his family were walking the beaches of Schooner Bay in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve when they made what he calls an “eerie” find, each marked with Japanese writing: a toothbrush and a baby’s sock.

Schmunk said he felt intuitively that these personal items might be tied to the tragedy that occurred in March 2011, when a magnitude 9 earthquake triggered a tsunami leaving an estimated 20,000 people dead.

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