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 Here are some contacts for this outrage.  I will also forward a letter that you are free to use or change as you wish.

Petition to shut down pig farm accused of sadistic treatment:



  Forward to those interested in animals.

Betreff: Pigs brutally stabbed with swords on Spanish pig farm/MORE MEAT PRODUCTION EXPOSURE


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Hi all,[From SPAIN]

this morning our organization (in Spain and in UK) has just released a
shocking video with images filmed at a pig farm in El Escobar, located in
Fuente Alamo in the Spanish region of Murcia. The video shows some of the
most brutal scenes of violence against animals at farms that our
Investigation Team has ever witnessed.

Animal Equality in Spain has pressed charges against the farm owner and

Marco Verduga Vinicio, one of the farm workers who has handed over the
footage, has revealed that the animals are bred for the food company El
Pozo (the second largest pig meat producers in Spain).
To spread the word over in UK we found out that ElPozo also sells its
products to the leading supermarket Morrisons.

Thanks to Marco Verduga Vinicio, Animal Equality has found that these
events occur frequently on the farm El Escobar owned by Francisco Vera
Sanchez, and that the farm managers are aware of this. In fact it is they
who request these actions, have been filmed engaging in them, and have
established these methods as the norm for killing animals at the farm.

The footage that we obtained are the following:

. Workers hitting pigs on their heads with iron bars, jumping on top of
them, kicking them, and posing in front of a camera with the pigs

. Workers attacking and killing pigs with meter-in-length swords

. The hitting of a pregnant pig with a bar before cutting her abdomen and
uterus with a knife whilst she’s still conscious, then pulling of piglets
out of her uterus and killing her because she isn’t fit for the

. This pig, tied and immobilised, unsuccessfully tries to escape while the
workers for several minutes pulls out the piglets. They remove her
intestines, liver and other internal organs while she suffers terribly.
The animal is left in agony with internal organs spread over the ground
until she dies several minutes later


Photo gallery:


Further news about the issue and future campaigns.

All the best,

Matteo Cupi

Thanks to Luree for sending this important information!


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