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BOLIVIA and a little group of people working for saving …

Klaus Braunert

   PhotoCredit:  EL DEBER Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Ursprüngliche Landschaft in Bolivien. Können wir noch etwas von dieser Schönheit für die Zukunft erhalten? Wir und Alle, die uns unterstützen, leisten unseren kleinen Beitrag.
Pristine landscape in Bolivia. Will we able able to save some of this beauty for the future? We and those, who will support us, are contributing our share!
Thank you for your mindfulness! Klaus Braunert

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Fighting for justice means fighting for justice for all of us and not playing around with the colour of skin. Focus on justice. i am a scientist for educ./psychoanalysis/art - and frankly speaking a savant - discovered that I can do more with blogs & social networks for humans in shadow, children in shadow, animals in need et al - I have some more blogs, please, visit them p.e.: Curi56blog et al. I am glad to meet YOU here: Annamaria thank you Annamaria

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