Know the Universal Declaration for Human Rights

.Sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:
“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

It’s time for a global conversation about human rights. It’s time to consider the values that unite us as one human family. And now, for the very first time, citizens of the world can sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), a document that calls for freedom, safety, and personal and political rights for everyone around the world. For the last 60 years only governments were asked to sign the Declaration.

Now, you can join the Elders, an international organization comprised of Nobel Peace Laureates and other world leaders in their “Every Human Has Rights” campaign, launched to commemorate the 60th anniversary of…

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PROTESTA La marcha indígena ingresa a territorio paceño Más de 500 indígenas marchistas llegaron a la población de El Sillar en el departamento de La Paz. GOOGLE TRANSLATION

Letzte Nachrichten des Protestmarsches der Indigenen in Bolivien gegen die geplante Zerstörung des TIPNIS- Nationalparks mit einer Schnellstraße.

 El Deber, Santa Cruz de la Sierra vom 31. Mai. 2011 Sofortübersetzung bei google- translate Instant translation see google translate

PROTESTA La marcha indígena ingresa a territorio paceño Más de 500 indígenas marchistas llegaron a la población de El Sillar en el departamento de La Paz. Los indígenas este miércoles quedaron a unos 270 kilómetros de la sede de Gobierno.

Al promediar las 10:30 horas de este miércoles la IX marcha en defensa del Territorio Indígena y Parque Nacional Isiboro Sécure (Tipnis) cruzó la población de Quiquibey, el límite territorial entre los departamentos de Beni y La Paz. Antes de reiniciar la caminata desde la población de Quiquibey, la columna entonó el himno nacional y el himno del departamento del Beni, para recorrer en la jornada 20 kilómetros. Más de 500 marchistas llegaron a la población de El Sillar (La Paz) distante aproximadamente a 270 kilómetros de la ciudad de La Paz, cerca a las 13:00 donde acamparon en la media jornada de caminata.

Posteriormente la movilización de los indígenas continuará su caminata, pese a sufrir los efectos del cambio de clima rumbo hasta la sede de gobierno para exigir a las autoridades del Órgano Ejecutivo que se respete la ley 180 y no se permita la construcción del tramo II de la carretera Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos, que atraviesa el Tipnis.


Environment..Garbage in Paradise:

 Inside the MaldivesTrash-Only Island.Thilafushi, the Maldives’ garbage dump, has been called a ‘toxic bomb in the ocean.’

 By Jon BowermasterMay 28, 2012

 A worker looks for metal scraps in the smoldering trash of Thilafushi, the Maldives Islands’ garbage-only island. (Photo: Hani Amir/Flickr)..Out of sight, out of mind is generally the rule of thumb around the globe when it comes to the garbage we create every day. No matter how religious we might be about recycling, invariably each one of us is still responsible for filling a garbage bag or two each week, which then gets sets out on the curb, and—poof!—magically disappears.

Thilafushi is repository to all of the trash from the 100 islands that host tourist accommodations. In supersized nations like the United States, Canada, Russia, or Germany, landfills are usually hidden from view (out of sight, out of mind) but in small island-nations like the Maldives, entire islands have been turned into dumps. The name of the Maldivian rubbish island is Thilafushi. It sits just four miles off the main island of Male and is distinguished by the thick black smoke rising from it all day long. To reach the trash-only island, you pass Prison Island (to hold miscreants and scofflaws) and Apartment Island (to hold the country’s ever-expanding human population).

On Male, rocked recently by a presidential coup, more than 100,000 people live squeezed into one-and-a-half-square miles. Despite the cramped space on an island in the heart of the Indian Ocean, theirs is a modern existence, with cars and motor scooters, apartment buildings, shopping malls, markets and government offices. Nearby, Airport Island is connected by a flotilla of floating taxis. All of this living produces a lot of garbage. Rather than sink it to the bottom of the sea (which I’m sure was the practice not so long ago), it is now all boated to Thilafushi, which is today completely covered in trash.

 Sadly, a poisonous fog hangs over what might have been just another of the 1,200 gorgeous Maldivian islands. This one is a faux island, though, created in 1992 to hold the country’s garbage. Today it receives 300 to 400 tons of trash each day.

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The Local – Switzerland bans import of dolphins

The Local – Switzerland bans import of dolphins.

Photo credit: Ville Felvin (File)
Switzerland bans import of dolphins
Published: 30 May 2012 11:08 GMT+1
Updated: 30 May 2012 09:50 GMT+1
Online: http://www.thelocal.ch/3417/20120530/

The National Council decided finally on Tuesday to ban the importation of dolphins or whales to Switzerland.
“This is a great victory,” Isabelle Chevalley, Councillor for the Green Liberals who led the campaign for the ban, told newspaper Tribune de Genève.

Currently Connyland is the only animal park in Switzerland where cetaceans are kept. Activists have been campaigning for twenty years to shut down the dolphin show there.

Chevalley managed to convince some of her right-leaning colleagues also, enabling her to bag her first parliamentary success.

Three lone dolphins remain, after the controversial deaths of two dolphins last year. The Council of States, the lower house, voted to allow the remaining dolphins to live out their days in their current home, and on Tuesday the National Council reached the same conclusion.

But the lawyers working towards the imposition of the ban have said that the goal will be to have the dolphins removed altogether.

“Today, no-one would go to see tigers locked in a concrete cage,” Chevalley told the paper.

Not all politicians agree with the dolphin ban, believing it will pave the way for the introduction of bans on other animals.

“Recently, 300 dolphins died in the Gulf of Mexico in total indifference, versus only two in recent years in Switzerland,” Oskar Freysinger for the Swiss People’s Party told the newspaper.

Lyssandra Sears (news@thelocal.ch)


Hole In My Life by Jack Gantos

 Paperback, 199 pages, Feiwel & Friends, $9.99, published April 24 2012 | purchase close Purchase Featured BooksHole in My LifeJack Gantos Amazon »iBookstore »Independent Booksellers

»Your purchase helps support NPR Programming. How? Some of you may know Jack Gantos as the winner of the 2012 Newbery Medal or as the author of the beloved children’s picture book Rotten Ralph and the Joey Pigza series.

 So you might not know that when Gantos was 19, he went to federal prison for smuggling 2,000 pounds of hashish on a sailboat from the Virgin Islands to New York City. This is Gantos’ memoir of those years, the story of a smart, passionate kid who makes the ultimate mistake and then makes his way out. The book is a page-turner even though we know what happens in the end (Gantos gets caught, serves his prison sentence and goes on to become a wildly successful writer of award-winning books for children), and Gantos tells it straight, refusing to glamorize or wax preachy. His recreation of his youthful self is an impressive feat of narration that will feel authentic to even the most cynical teens and endear any adult who remembers being invincible.




Einen Tag nach dem vorgestern öffentlich geäusserten Unverständnis von Paul Watson reagierte merkwürdigerweise die Partei einen Tag darauf blitzschnell mit einem knappen Artikel, der in ein paar Sätzen die bisherigen, inzwischen oft von anderen schon verbreiteten Informationen zusammenfasst und mit einer Verlinkung auf die Frankfurter Rundschau versehen ist. Volker Becks Aktivitäten scheinen sich mit der Anfrage an die Justizministerin, auf deren Antwort die Partei ohne weitere Kommentierung immer noch wartet, erschöpft zu haben, denn es wurde nie wieder etwas dazu veröffentlicht.

Von petrapez | 30.Mai 2012

http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.radio-utopie.de%2F2012%2F05%2F30%2Fcaptain-paul-watson-uber-bundnis-90die-grunen-wozu-seid-ihr-da%2F&t=Captain%20Paul%20Watson%20%C3%BCber%20B%C3%BCndnis%2090%2FDie%20Gr%C3%BCnen%3A%20%22Wozu%20seid%20ihr%20da%3F%22&src=sp Share

“Sie haben beschlossen absolut nichts zu sagen.” Paul Watson über die Grünen Deutschlands

Am Montag, den 28.Mai 2012 veröffentlichte Paul Watson einen öffentlichen Brief im Internet. Der Inhalt wirft ein bezeichnendes und beschämendes Bild auf die deutsche Partei Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, die sich vor der ganzen Welt in einem unglaublichen Ausmass blamiert und ihren Anspruch als ökologische Anwälte verspielt hat.

Radio Utopie berichtete stellvertretend für das fehlende grüne deutsche Engagement in den vergangenen zwei Wochen in vier Beiträgen mit vielen Hintergrundinformationen – angefangen wenige Stunden nach der Verhaftung in Frankfurt, über die Erklärung von Interpol, Appelle an die Justizministerin, bis hin zur Demonstration in Berlin und der Rede Watsons über die weltweit auf Unverständnis und Aufsehen erregende Arrestierung des hochgeachteten Gründers der kompromisslosen Umweltorganisation Sea Shepherd Society Foundation, die sich mit Medienarbeit zur Aufklärung und Aktivitäten vor Ort für den Fortbestand der Tiere in den Ozeanen einsetzt.

Zusätzlich wurden auf dem Ticker der Nachrichtenagentur von Radio Utopie ständig Artikel anderer Informationsquellen über den neuesten Stand zur Unterstützung der Freilassung des Kapitäns aus der ganzen Welt verlinkt, um diese einer breiten Öffentlichkeit, Bloggern und Journalisten zugänglich zu machen.

In zahlreichen Ländern haben Umweltgruppen und Menschen, die keiner Organisation angehören, Petitionen gestartet, unterzeichnet sowie auf vielen Wegen ihren tiefen Respekt vor der Arbeit der Sea Shepherd Society Foundation und die Hoffnung geäussert, dass Deutschland dem Auslieferungsersuchen Costa Ricas nicht stattgeben möge.

Einen Tag nach dem vorgestern öffentlich geäusserten Unverständnis von Paul Watson reagierte merkwürdigerweise die Partei darauf blitzschnell mit einem knappen Artikel, der in ein paar Sätzen die bisherigen, inzwischen oft von anderen schon verbreiteten Informationen zusammenfasst und mit einer Verlinkung auf die Frankfurter Rundschau versehen ist. Volker Becks Aktivitäten scheinen sich mit der Anfrage an die Justizministerin, auf deren Antwort die Partei ohne weitere Kommentierung immer noch wartet, erschöpft zu haben, denn es wurde nie wieder etwas dazu veröffentlicht. Der Mohr hat seine Schuldigkeit getan … allerdings zu spät.

Auch der Facebook-Auftritt zeigt, dass der einzige Eintrag zu Paul Watson am Nachmittag des 29.Mai nur mit der Verlinkung zu oben genannten Kurzbeitrag auf der Partei-Website erfolgte.

Seit der Verhaftung von Paul Watson erschien kein einziger Eintrag auf der FB-Plattform der Grünen. Auch die Anfrage von Volker Beck wurde nicht erwähnt. Dabei bietet Facebook die Funktion “Teilen”, mit der mit einem Mouse-Klick die Erklärungen von Captain Paul Watson oder der Sea Shepherd Society Foundation verbreitet werden können, die ebenfalls auf diesem Netzwerk vertreten sind, wenn man sich schon die Mühe erspart, eigene Zeilen zu verfassen.

Hier nun die Worte von Paul Watson vom 28.Mai 2012 im Orginaltext – bewusst ohne Quellenangabe. Die Suche danach sollten sich die Grünen in dem Fall schon selber machen, der Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl ist oben zu lesen, als kleine Lektion der Nachhilfe im Recherchieren:

German Greens Wherefore Art Thou? (http://sea-shepherd.tumblr.com/)

From Captain Paul Watson

I have been wondering why there has not been a statement or even a word from the Green Party of Germany about my case. The Green Party in Germany represents 10% of the German people. They could help secure my release but they have chosen to say absolutely nothing.

We have the support of the Green Party in other nations like New Zealand, Australia, Canada ,etc. but not where it now matters most, in Germany.

I was a founding member of the Green Party of Canada and ran for Member of Parliament for the Greens in Vancouver Center twice. I was also the Green Party candidate for Mayor of Vancouver in 1996. I was the only Sierra Club national Board member in the United States to support Ralph Nader despite the heavy criticism it brought to me. I even once helped to host the visit of Petra Kelly of the German Green to Vancouver in 1986.

Thus it has been a mystery as to why the Green Party of Germany has been so quiet and so distant about my case here in Germany.

So I made some inquiries and what I have been told is very disappointing. Greenpeace Germany apparently has made it quite clear to the Green Party of Germany that they should not support my case. Greenpeace also will say nothing in my support despite my being a cofounder of the Greenpeace Foundation.

Apparently Greenpeace sees this as a opportunity to get rid of me. Now I`m not surprised that this is their position but I am surprised that the Green Party of Germany would concur.

I am grateful for the incredible support that I am getting from the German people and from people all around the world. In the end that is what is most important. I know I am not popular with government and large organizations. I tend to be ecologically correct instead of politically correct and I say and do many things that make many people angry.

However it would have been nice to have received support from a political movement that I have supported since it began.

To the Green Party of Australia, New Zealand and Canada I wish to say how much I appreciate your strong efforts on my behalf.

To the Green Party of Germany I can only say, where are you?

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Abschlachten der Calderon-Delphine auf den dänischen Faröer Inseln
07.06.2010 Greenpeace-Protest in Neuschwanstein für japanische Walschützer
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Dr. Steve Best

The following report of the government repression encountered by an activist crossing the Canadian border was reported by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office on May 25, 2012:

Another report of activist harassment at the border just in.

“I was denied entry into Canada yesterday after arrival. The Canadian Border Security Agency interrogated me for over an hour about my past and also about animal rights organizations they had information I was a member of a particular animal rights organization. After denying everything they took me into custody and held me for the next flight back to the US (which was in another 4 hours).

US Homeland Security Officials told the Canadians they wanted to interrogate me before I left Canada.  They brought me in for interrogation, seized my phone and copied its contents, took 3 camera memory cards inside my cameras and copied those, and took my laptop…

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Dr. Steve Best

Lovers of irony! — Relish this! A sociopathic mass murderer and whore for the fur industry condemns the “ALF” (seems like a pretty tepid version of ALF tactics described below) for being unreasonable, criminal, violent, and irresponsible thugs, as this fascist fuck attempts a lame legitimation of an unspeakably violent and utterly gratuitous industry that traps, neckbreaks, gasses, and anally electrocutes a prodigous array of animals for profit, vanity, and status symbols. 

Apparently the “thugs” who rightly have no faith in the efficacy of education, persuasion, and legislation forget that only animal exploitation industries can contemptuously dismiss reason, logic, and informed debate. Only speciesist industries and the purveyors of the animal holocaust can bypass a dialogic and democratic process irredeemably corrupted by graft, influence peddling, naked power, and total domination of state policies. Only the functionaries of institutionalized massacre can cynically appeal to “rational” norms and processes they revile but exploit as a discursive smokescreen to lure activists into a talking game while the killing games continues unabated and…

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Wolves Killed in Snares – Change.org

Wolves Killed in Snares Outside of Alaska National Park

 by Alicia Graef May 27, 2012 6:19 am

 The trapping deaths of two important wolves from a well-known pack in Alaska’s Denali National Park have conservationists calling for an immediate ban on trapping and the reinstatement of a buffer zone around the park that was eliminated by the Alaska Board of Game two years ago.

 One of the wolves, a breeding female from the Grant Creek pack, was lured outside of the park and killed in a snare after a hunter shot a horse to use it as bait, which he left about one mile outside of the park. Another male was also found in a snare nearby. Coke Wallace, the hunter who set the traps, scoffs at the idea of a buffer zone around the park, insists the wolf was starving anyway and that the wolves he kills have no impact on their population.

Conservationists disagree. “If you start removing important adults from a family group, a wolf pack, particularly reproductive females, you could have the entire pack disintegrate,” said Rick Steiner, a professor and independent conservation biologist who likens trapping outside the park’s boundary to setting traps around a zoo with no fence. According to Denali National Park biologist Tom Meier, the female Wallace snared may have looked thin, but had plenty of internal fat. “Coke’s wolf was in a trap for a week and was scavenged by a wolverine before he ever even saw it,” he told the LA Times. “These wolves aren’t starving.’” The wolf population in the park is at a 20-year low, with just 70 wolves in nine packs.

Their numbers are down from 103 wolves in 15 packs as recently as 2006, according to Meier. The only other breeding female was also recently found dead near her den, but appears to have died of natural causes. Even more troubling is the post-mating season timing of this kill, leaving some to suspect she may have been pregnant, which is causing even more concern about the future of the pack.

“This is one of the most highly valuable, highly viewed wolf packs, not just in Alaska or the nation, but the world. And now they will not have pups this year, almost certainly,” said Steiner. “It’s always disappointing to lose animals that close to the park boundary, and it also was disappointing because it was inside what used to be … the buffer zone,” said Meier. Steiner has sent a proposal to Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Cora Campbell asking that they overturn their moratorium on the decision to remove the buffer and to request an emergency end to wolf kills in the area outside the park. Back to the horse …according to Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADFG), as unsavory as shooting an elderly horse, using it as bait and leaving it out in the woods to rot is, Wallace hasn’t technically done anything illegal. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC), on the other hand, is at least looking into possible water quality violations. That’s probably a good thing since David Braun, who has a cabin nearby, discovered the carcass in a stream that feeds his and other residents’ water supply. Must be nice to have such considerate neighbors. TAKE ACTION!

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