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Graphic photos surface of Michigan DNR forced shooting of baby pigs, breastfeeding momma pig

Graphic photos surface of Michigan DNR forced shooting of baby pigs, breastfeeding momma pig

via Graphic photos surface of Michigan DNR forced shooting of baby pigs, breastfeeding momma pig.

NaturalNews) Graphic photos have surfaced of the baby pigs and momma pigs that a Michigan farmer was forced to shoot in cold blood to avoid being arrested as a felon. This is the latest development in the outrageous story of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which conducted armed raids on multiple farms, using police state legal tactics to trespass onto private property and search for any living pigs that they consider to be “feral” breeds. In reality, these breeds have been raised as domesticated livestock by Michigan farmers for decades.

The photos are shown below. Catch up on our previous reports for this story at:

In response to the national press coverage of the forced shooting of baby pigs, a story that NaturalNews broke and spearheaded, the Michigan DNR went into defensive spin mode and began to issue a series of completely false, misleading press releases that sound eerily similar to what we might hear from a typical White House press event. The Michigan DNR stated that “if any pigs were shot by farmers, they were VOLUNTARILY shot,” but they conveniently left out the part about how they would arrest the farmers at gunpoint and charge them with multiple felony violations if they didn’t destroy their own pigs. This absurd “voluntary” stance is similar to the way in which the IRS says paying your federal taxes are also “voluntary.” (Sure, it’s voluntary unless you want to spend the rest of your life in prison.)

The Michigan DNR also issued another completely false and misleading press release announcing that “no armed raids were ever conducted” in Michigan. This is an outright lie, as multiple farmers were present during the raids, confirming that men with guns emerged from multiple government vehicles that pulled up and then immediately trespassed onto their property, looking for any evidence of living pigs. (They were pleased to find dead pigs, which is the whole point of the DNR’s agenda — to destroy small family farms and protect a factory pig farming monopoly by the corporate giants. This is a government agenda of death.)

Unconstitutional legal tactic for government trespassing

NaturalNews can also reveal that Michigan DNR used an unconstitutional and highly unethical legal tactic to gain access to one Michigan farm. After failing to get a search warrant in the county in which the farm was located, they instead sought a restraining order against the farm owner, then used the restraining order to keep him at bay while they violated his Fourth Amendment rights and entered his property without permission, using an arguably invalid search warrant issued by a different county. This is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of the farmers whose properties were raided at gunpoint.

What we see with the Michigan DNR is a culture of death and oppression, all led by a man named Rodney Stokes, the leader of the DNR who personally pushed forward this “kill the pigs!” agenda.

Instead of admitting any wrongdoing, Stokes and the Michigan DNR have instead initiated a campaign of lies and disinformation to try to explain away their highly illegal, unconstitutional and even criminal behavior. When the criminals are running the government, you know the expansion of the death-culture police state is reaching red alert levels.

NaturalNews continues to call for the forced resignation of Rodney Stokes (if not his arrest and indictment for criminal conspiracy), and we encourage all farmers in Michigan to take whatever legal and lawful steps they need to take under the United States Bill of Rights to protect their lives and private property against overzealous, tyrannical state government run by criminals.

Gruesome photos show baby pigs shot dead

Below we show these gruesome photos, taken directly at the ranch that was raided by the DNR. These pigs were shot dead by a sobbing, heartbroken rancher who was forced by the DNR to shoot all these pigs in cold blood in order to avoid being arrested and imprisoned as a felon.

The DNR cruelly calls these shootings “voluntary.”

This is the height of government arrogance and deception, and it is only the first step in the planned destruction of America’s farming culture.

As you can see from the graphic photos below, one shows a mother pig who is carrying breast milk, ready to feed her babies. Another picture shows her babies laying dead around a tree. Notice the stripes on their fur? This is what makes them a “feral” species, according to the Michigan DNR. Yes, pigs are being killed based on fur color in Michigan.

Help support Michigan farmers’ fight against tyranny

Please donate to Mark Baker’s legal defense efforts at:

Mark is working with other farmers to disrupt and deny Michigan DNR operations and thereby save family farms from death and destructions. Read his blog for more information, or listen to my full interview with Mark Baker at:

The Communist takeover has begun

If you read children’s history books in public school, they will explain how Communism works:

In a Communist system, the government owns most businesses and land and controls all areas of life. China’s new Communist government began by taking over control of the economy. The government seized all private farms and organized them into large, state-run farms.

Sound familiar? That’s what’s happening right now in Michigan. Read the rest of this story at:…


Here is the action alert from the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund:

“The other agenda at work is that of the Michigan Pork Producers Association (MPPA) who has publicly supported the ISO. In a February 27 editorial published in the Manistee Advocate newspaper, State Senator Darwin L. Booher mentioned, ‘The small farmers I have talked to wonder why the DNR is singling out their pigs and is joining forces with the Michigan Pork Producers Association on this issue. They believe the association wants all pigs to be raised in confinement facilities, and the best way to achieve that is to make it illegal to raise certain swine, especially those offering alternatives to the white pork raised in confinement.’ At this time, it is certain only that swine raised in confinement facilities would be exempt from the ISO. For the confinement operations, the ISO could effectively reduce or eliminate the competition.

Implementation of the ISO will deny farmers their property rights and the right to make a living. It will reduce or eliminate customer access to heritage breed pork, a product that has become increasingly popular in restaurants across the state. All that could be left for consumers would be factory pork, produced by confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).”

Learn more:

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