WE MEET – ABOLITION of MEAT Call for the May 2012 WWAM

Call for the May 2012 WWAM:
21/05/2012 – 27/05/2012

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This year has seen increased participation in the January World Week for the Abolition of Meat and the demand for the abolition of meat continues to attract media interest.

Remember that 99.99% of animals exploited are exploited for meat.

Kyoto Japan

The next WWAM will be held from 21 to 27 May, and we hope it will be an opportunity for a larger worldwide mobilization.

On 2 June 2012, a large demonstration, the March for the closing down of slaughterhouses, will take place in Paris. This will be an occasion to address the public and proclaim that the production and consumption of meat (and “fish” as well as other animal products) cause immense harm to animals, are not morally defendable, and must therefore be abolished as soon as possible.

We hope that demonstrations such as these will soon be organised around the world and will foster a rapid increase in awareness: the animal question is a crucial moral and political question which must be taken into account on all levels of society.

We are delighted that monthly events for the abolition of all forms of animal exploitation — which explicitly demand the abolition of animal farming, hunting, and fishing — are now organised in France and Switzerland.

The Veggie Pride March that will be held in Marseille, France on 19 May 2012 will also explicitly place itself within the framework of the demand for the abolition of meat.

You can listen to interviews we have given in French and English in order to detail the reasons why we lay emphasis on this demand.



If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to post the reports of your recent actions nor to publish announcements of your upcoming actions.

How to advance the worldwide promotion to abolish meat?

You can support meat-abolition.org which receives no government subsidies.

You can also order activist materials such as T-shirts, pins, stickers, and flyers.

And of course send us your logo and website address, join us on Facebook and remember to announce your events.

If you use some or all of this call, please cite the source.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Worldwide promotion of the demand for the abolition of the production and consumption of animal flesh;
that is to say, the prohibition of products that come from hunting, fishing and farming
because they require the exploitation, suffering and death of sentient beings.


Short introductory texts:
For a world-wide movement for the abolition of meat
Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed brochure:
Meat Abolition




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