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By Ivan Watson, CNN

HATAY, Turkey (CNN) — Two dolphins who were rescued from a filthy pool at a Turkish tourism resort were released back into the wild this week after years in captivity.

So far, the male dolphins have exceeded their trainers’ expectations: Within 48 hours, satellite transmitters showed that Tom and Misha had traveled more than 100 miles, and they were observed hunting fish as a team and interacting with other wild dolphins.

“It’s unbelievable to see them travel this hard and fast,” said Jeff Foster, a Seattle-based sea mammal expert who oversaw the dolphins’ rehabilitation and preparation for release into the wild.

“The assumption is they’re going back to the area that they were a pod in. They’re definitely on a mission,” Foster said.

Foster spoke to CNN by telephone from a sailboat in the Aegean Sea, where he and his team have been tracking the animals’…

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