The Brazilian President can stop this | Greenpeace International

The Brazilian President can stop this | Greenpeace International.

Dilma: save the Amazon, veto the new Forest Code

One of our planets largest remaining rainforests is under threat from changes to the laws that govern forest protection in Brazil. The new Forest Code being proposed severely weakens protections for the Amazon rainforest and opens up vast areas to destruction, which would contribute to accelerating climate change.

But there is still time. Right now the only thing standing between the Amazon rainforest and destruction is Brazilian President Dilma. She can protect the Amazon by vetoing this new Forest Code. Send her a message now and let her know we all have a stake in protecting this amazing ecosystem.

Update: Brazil’s parliament has passed the rotten reforms, and all eyes are on President Dilma now

Dear President Dilma Rousseff,

It is extremely worrying to see that after declining rates of forest destruction in the Amazon over the past six years, deforestation rates spiked during the current debate around changes to the Forest Code, and land conflicts are claiming more lives.

I understand that this is linked to the proposal to make major changes to the Forest Code – the main law protecting the rainforest in Brazil. If more deforestation is permitted, forest loss will increase.

Brazil’s fight against deforestation and its commitment to protect the majestic Amazon rainforest is one that we all appreciate, not only for the sake of biodiversity and forest dependent communities, but also because it is an essential element in the efforts worldwide to combat climate change.

President Dilma, it is up to you to decide the new law and fulfill your international promises: reduce deforestation by at least 80% by 2020, and keep Brazil a forerunner in tackling climate change through halting deforestation.

You can save the Amazon from destruction. President Dilma, please veto the new Forest Code bill before it is too late.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.




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