Urgent Action Needed: Violent Repression Against Campesino Right-To-Land Movement in Honduras


The small-farming communities of the fertile valley of Bajo Aguán and the Afro-indigenous Garífuna people of the Northern coast of Honduras have put out urgent calls for international solidarity.

Bajo Aguán: The campesino struggle for land rights against Miguel Facusse’s biofuel empire

In the Bajo Aguán of Honduras, members of small-farmer cooperatives have been peacefully occupying land taken from them by bio-fuel agribusiness. Today, despite constant arrests, assassinations, and threats from the landowners and the government, they have established six settlements where they’re working towards their long-term vision of food sovereignty, liberatory education systems, collectively run media, cooperative businesses, and strong community. But in the past week repression has intensified to a new level.

In a raid by 500 private security guards, Honduran army and police, 34 people have been arrested and 24 more have gone missing in the heart of the land struggle in the Bajo Aguán.

The Permanent International Human Rights Observatory of Bajo Aguán put out an urgent request for international support on September 10th, specifically asking for our help through calls and emails to the Honduran military, police and government.  International pressure forces them to act with more caution – every call makes a difference!  Click HERE for instructions on who to call and what to say.  They are also asking for on-the-ground accompaniment from international human rights observers.

Learn more HERE about the land struggle in the Aguán.

The Afro-indigenous struggle for land against charter cities and mega-tourism

On August 27, the Garífuna human rights organization Fraternal Black Organization of Honduras, OFRANEH and their allies around the world launched the Land Recovery Campaign in the village of Vallecito which, with 2,500 acres, is the largest single landholding of the Garífuna people. There, they are occupying land that has been taken from them to build mega-tourism projects and an autonomous Charter City that is slated for development on the legal and ancestral Garifuna territory. The peaceful occupiers have faced constant intimidation from paramilitary groups, most likely hired by local developers.

International pressure on the Honduran government is key right now. Click HERE to support OFRANEH’s efforts.

More info on the land struggle in the Garifuna communities click


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