This platter was found in a street market, a f...
This platter was found in a street market, a few miles east of Hanoi, Vietnam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Video Exposes Shocking Dog Meat Industry In Bali

Video Exposes Shocking Dog Meat Industry In Bali

When you hear the word “Bali,” you probably think of gorgeous scenery, exotic dances, a deeply spiritual and unique culture, a romantic getaway, indeed a place that has often been called paradise on earth.

But there is a much darker side to the Indonesian island of Bali, one of more than 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, and also one of the world’s most popular island resorts.

Every year, more than 18 million dogs are killed for human consumption worldwide, and Bali is no stranger to the dog meat market.

Many dogs in Bali live on the streets in front of their owners’ houses; they are routinely snatched away, either with a lasso or in a net, then clubbed, and eventually strangled, beaten and even skinned alive.

A new documentary from indiegogo, entitled “Commercial Carnage: Dog Meat Industry,” exposes this cruel practice, showing how beloved family pets are routinely taken and sold to dog meat factories for as little as $2.50, with a typical dog catcher seizing six dogs each night.

According to indiegogo, once tied up,

the animals are transported to the abbatoir on bikes. Unfortunately the dogs suffering is prolonged as they are kept like this until they are butchered.

You can watch this shocking video by clicking here, but be warned – there are some gruesome scenes.

The dog meat industry is particularly prevalent in South-East Asia. As Care2 reported here, in Thailand, pet dogs are being snatched in increasing numbers to feed the restaurant trade in dog meat elsewhere in South-East Asia. Thai police have suggested that as many as 2,000 dogs were seized in a six-month period. Most of these are bound for Vietnam and China where dog is considered a delicacy.

In China, however, there is some reason to be hopeful. In October, 2011, nearly 800 dogs were rescued by a Chinese animal protection group in the city of Zigong, in southwest Sichuan province. A similar rescue happened earlier in the year, when nearly 200 heroic animal lovers in China saved the lives of 580 dogs that were being trucked to a Beijing slaughterhouse for their meat.

Even better, in Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong, there is a ban on the slaughter of dogs for human consumption in response both to public concern and health fears around eating these species.

Animal activists are demanding change in China, and have achieved change in Taiwan, the Phillipines, Singapore and Hong Kong, but what about Bali?

If you are concerned about the shocking practices associated with the commercial killing of innocent dogs in Bali, please sign our petition, demanding an end to the slaughter of dogs for human consumption.


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