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This is an urgent call to action on behalf of the international campaign to Free the AstraZeneca Beagles. Win Animal Rights is calling for international solidarity and we are asking for animal rights groups across the USA and around the world to get behind the international effort to liberate hundreds of beagles used in laboratory testing by AstraZeneca.

Actions for Groups and Organizers:

Start organizing protests and events at local AstraZeneca offices. Locations can be found here:


USA AstraZeneca Leadership Team:


Call as often as you can
Write Letters – snail mail, email

Take pictures of your dogs and other companion animals asking that the AstraZeneca beagles be set free.

Send your pictures and letters to:


Make sure you copy WAR as we will be delivering pictures in person to AstraZeneca’s USA Headquarters.


And also send a copy to the…

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