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Bad news: “Buying Local & Organic? You´re Still Eating Plastic Chemicals” MoJo

Tom Philpott from: MOTHER JONES

March 6, 2013


Buying Local and Organic? You’re Still Eating Plastic Chemicals

You’d think that eating fresh, local, and organic food would lighten the load of chemicals in your body. But a recent study suggests that that’s not always the case.

Scientists at the University of Washington’s Seattle Children’s Research Institute performed a “dietary intervention” on two sets of five local families. They subjected one set of families to five days of eating meals from a catering company that avoids plastics and uses fresh and, when possible, local and organic ingredients.

The other set was given “handouts describing best practice recommendations to reduce phthalate and BPA exposures” and asked to follow them as well as possible as they prepared their meals.

To read about the surprising results, click here. [READ MORE]


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