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It’s Raining Frogs, Toads and Snakes Again…

…and more …

Dark Matters a Lot

Let’s all suppose that the universe is 95% dark/vacuum energy and that it DOES trigger our severe weather through vacuum condensing from these dark/vacuum energy particles and strings, primarily as a result of our quantum gravity field not being particularly(pun) smooth in a spacetime sort of way.  Let’s also suppose that dark matter branes do form the nucleus of planets and stars and comets and such.  It stands to reason that a large increase in this vacuum energy orbiting through our world would wreak havoc on humanity if it were to happen.  I have tried to show how this vacuum energy, while energetic, is the great cosmic vacuum cleaner, ionizing its surroundings and extracting entropy, condensing water vapor and pulling a vacuum as well as condensing atoms and triggering low energy nuclear reactions in its surroundings and weakening earthen matter along its orbital path.

So lets go back 666 years…

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