The flight of the bumblebee…


Save the wild bees!

When did you last see a bumblebee? The strange thing is that bumblebees do better in urban areas than in the agricultural countryside. Simply because the biodiversity is greater. Sounds strange but the large monoculture farming industries are creating vast areas with single crop planting which is more economical (on the short term).

Imagine having to pollinate fruit flowers by hand. This is whats happening in some parts of China due to the decline in bees. The problem? Chemicals used to treat crops are killing bee populations around the globe.

Honey bees are often brought to monocultural plantations to increase pollination but suffer from lack of variation in diet and need help from wild bees whose pollination habits are greater.

So what can we do?

1.Give them a home.

A simple house made from bricks with holes in or bunches of reeds and moss will do…

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