Toxic whale, dolphin meat

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This video says about itself:

Mercury Poisoning in Whale Meat, Seal Meat, Fish – Japanese Minamata Incident

21 August 2009

Whale Meat, Seal Meat, and Seafood contain huge doses of Methyl Mercury – a neurotoxin. Eating Whale meat, Seal Meat, & Fish contaminated with Methyl or Organic elemental Mercury causes brain damage, mental retardation, tremors, and brain tissue damage. Most people are aware of health officials’ warnings about fish; however, thousands are unaware that the dosages contained in Whale Meat and Seal Meat is from 10x to 9,000x the dose in fish. Thousands of times above the human limit.

Even worse, some are unaware that eating whale meat, seal meat, and seafood can cause damage to their genitals, cause their future children to be born deformed, or result in their child being born learning disabled. Even 1 ingestion of this material has been shown to cause human…

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