Musical Theme : Flash Mob!

I love Flash Mob!


Flash Mob: Great theme  thanks Eva!

Ruth Carter – Flash Mob Law….. Flash Mob  law? Now really!

SURPRISE ENDING – Flash Mob Marriage Proposal:  more and more people are going to extreme lengths to have bigger better  and more impressive proposals….. some do go over the top!

Flash mob UE Katowice : strangely pointless flash mob  just before an exam??

Christmas food hall : Lovely video, surprise and joy all mixed up!

Rock choir : The video is self explanatory . Rock Choir is huge in Britain, women and men  but mostly women for some reason! all join together  and sing!

Rock Choir is described as being the United Kingdom‘s original, and the world’s largest, contemporary choir.[1] It holds three Guinness World Records – ‘biggest hit act in the UK’,[2] ‘largest musical act to release an album (signed)’[3] and ‘largest song and dance routine held at…

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