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Africans contaminated by GM/GE maize meal

ECOTERRA Intl.   – pls distribute wide and far – AFRICANS CONTAMINATED BY GM/GE MAIZE MEAL Food Fascism spreads on African Continent

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    The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) has released test results on    the most extensively consumed maize brands in South Africa, which    indicate that the entire maize supply is utterly saturated with GM    maize. “The majority of South Africans are not only eating GM maize    without their knowledge and consent but have no choice or    alternative whatsoever even if the products were correctly labelled.    This is totally undemocratic and unacceptable. It smacks of outright    food fascism” said Mariam Mayet, Director of the African Centre for    Biosafety.
    South Africa is the only country in the world to permit the    cultivation of genetically modified (GM) seed for the production of    a staple food-maize. 86% of the 2012/13 maize crop was planted to GM    seed on 2.7 million ha. 81% of the white maize seed sold was GM-and    belonging to Monsanto. GM white maize is used principally as milled    maize meal for human consumption and eaten by several million South    Africans as a staple food, at least once a day.
    Three major food producers Tiger Brands, Pioneer      Foods and Premier Foods control the    milling of 60% of the nation’s white maize crop. Milled maize    products, Ace, White Star and Iwisa Super Maize Meal belonging to    Tiger Brands, Pioneer Foods, and Premier, respectively, constitute    over 73% of the maize meal market respectively.
The test results are as follows:

  • Premier’s Iwisa 81.2% GM content (labelled as ‘contains        genetically modified organisms”) October 2013;
  • Pioneer’s White Star Super Maize meal 72,04% GM maize content        (labelled as “produced using genetic modification”) October        2013;
  • Premier’s course braai pap, 55.22% GM maize content (labelled        as “may contain genetically modified organisms”) October 2013;
  • Premier’s Nyala Super Maize Meal, 87.44% GM maize content        (labelled as “contains genetically modified organisms”) March        2013;
  • Woolworth’s Super Maize meal, 79.78% GM maize content        (labelled as “may be genetically modified”) March 2013.

“We are hugely taken aback and disappointed by the test results for    the Woolworths’ Maize Meal as this high GM content and misleading    labelling flies in the face of their stated position. Woolworths is    on record as stating that their policy is to replace or remove    ingredients derived from GM crop sources, or to label the final    products containing ingredients derived from GM crops, to ensure    customer choice,” said Zakiyya Ismail, ACB’s consumer awareness    campaigner.
    Pioneer’s ‘White Star’ super maize meal corners 25.3% of the market,    Tiger Brand’s ‘Ace’ super maize meal 22.5%, Premier Foods flagship    brand ‘Iwisa’ 13.3%, and when combined with sales of its other    brands ‘Impala’ maize meal and ‘Nyala’ maize, Premier lays claim to    a hefty 25.5% of the market.1
    The ACB has during June 2013 also subjected several Tiger Brands’    ‘ACE’ milled maize products for testing and these were unlabelled    and showed extremely high GM content:

  • ACE Super maize meal 78% GM maize content
  • ACE Maize Rice 70% GM maize content
  • ACE Instant Porridge 68% GM maize content

    The ACB has also during March 2012, subjected Premier’s Impala maize    meal to testing and 66.18% GM content was found. This was unlabelled    at the time of testing in March 2012.
    Animal feeding studies have shown Bt maize causes liver and kidney    damage in rats, mice and sheep,2 and severe stomach inflammation in    pigs.3 Further, approximately 64% of the GM maize grown in South    Africa is tolerant to glyphosate, a broad spectrum herbicide    associated with a plethora of health risks to human, animal and    environmental health. “It is very disturbing that South Africans are    unknowingly  consuming staple foods whose safety has not been    established and where evidence of its potential harm is becoming    increasingly apparent,” said Ismail.
    Despite the safety risks, Tiger Brands has refused point blank to    provide GM free food to the South African public. However, it has    expediently, caved in to consumer pressure and have agreed to use    non-GM ingredients in its Purity brand of baby foods after test    results showed these to contain high GM content. These baby foods    were also unlabelled. An Open Letter sent by the ACB to the National    Chamber of Milling in July 2013, as the representative body for the    milling industry in South Africa, calling upon it to ensure the    establishment of GM free value chains has been ignored. Instead, the    National Chamber of Milling has entered into a strategic partnership    with Africabio, the lobby group dedicated to the promotion of GMOs    in Africa.
    Regulations for the labelling of GM food are currently still not    enforced. The Department of Trade and Industry has been dragging its    heels to provide consumers with the right to choose. “However,    labelling laws will not assist consumers of maize meal as they have    absolutely no choice but to be forced fed with risky GM maize. Tiger    Brands, Premier and Pioneer are holding the health of South African    consumers ransom by their failure to provide non-GM alternatives,”     said Mayet.
    Contact:     Mariam Mayet 083 269 4309     Zakiyya Ismail 083 273 7304           More information available on and easy to read factsheets,    please share.
    ACB Team.
    The African Centre for Biosafety     PO Box 29170, Melville 2109 South Africa     Tel: +27 (0)11 486 1156

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