Ivory sold openly in Saudi Mövenpick hotel

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This video is called Where have all the Elephants gone? – Africa.

Another video, which used to be on YouTube, was called Elephant poaching – Ivory being sold openly inside Movenpick hotel building.

Note: in the video title, and in the Wildlife Extra article quoted in this blog post, the hotel corporation’s name is not spelled consistently. It is Mövenpick, a daughter corporation of the Nestlé corporation.

From Wildlife Extra:

Ivory being sold openly inside Moevenpick hotel

Ivory being sold openly in Saudi hotel

November 2013. With wild elephants being driven towards extinction by the scourge of poaching, Möevenpick Hotels are feeding, and possibly creating, the demand for ivory by renting shops inside their hotels to ivory traders, and thus profiting from the ivory trade.

Promotion for this shop involves leaving booklets in each hotel room promoting the shop.

Our reader took a video of this shop inside the…

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