Peru Amazon wildlife, video

Peru An Unseen World – Amazon Rainforest Wildlife – our wonderful, beautiful planet – we have no right to let destroy “her” – our weapon:
PVeröffentlicht am 03.02.2013






An Unseen World – Winner at the United Nations Forum on Forests 2013 short film contest, this film has been described as ‘nature filmmaking at its most raw and innovative’. It shows a collection of camera trap footage taken on an Amazon Rainforest tributary located Madre de Dios region of Peru, and presented by naturalist and explorer Paul Rosolie. The film, titled An Unseen World was recognized as a winner in the 2013 United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) short films contest, Forests for People.
To learn more about the wildlife, Amazon Rainforest, or Paul Rosolie’s work, see’s article about these videos here.…) This video is part of a growing movement to raise awareness about the lower Las Piedras River which is currently under threat from increasing logging activity. If protected, the lower Las Piedras would create ecosystem connectivity between world class protected areas such as Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, Manu National Park, and Alto Purus National Park. Along with wildlife and primary forest, the Las Piedras is home to some of the last remaining uncontacted tribes on Earth.
Check out more Paul Rosolie wildlife encounters here:


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Wildlife Extra writes about the subject of this video:

Camera trap videos fantastic range of wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon

Amazon biodiversity caught on film – Our thanks to Paul Rosolie for the video and the information.

March 2013. A Peru-based conservationist has captured some great videos that showcase the biodiversity of the Amazon by setting up a camera trap trained on a single “colpa” salt lick in the western Amazon.

Monkeys, anteaters, jaguars, pumas, ocelots and a variety of birds

Paul Rosolie documented an extraordinary variety of species, some of which are threatened, in an area now targeted by loggers, miners, and other developers. During a four-week period, Paul’s camera collected footage of dozens of species, including a troop of howler monkeys, a giant anteater, and a host of big cats – including jaguars, pumas, and ocelots – constantly on the hunt for prey.

In the…

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