Signs of Change in December 2013

Signs of Change in December 2013

HawkkeyDavis Channel YouTube Wed, 18 Dec 2013 08:06 CST seen:

Rivers turning blood-red, whales beaching themselves in Florida, landslides, sinkholes and flooding in southern Italy, severe flooding in Malaysia, extreme storms bring hurricane-force wind and snow to the UK and northern Europe, ice-storms across the US, including the coldest average day than any day last winter, avalanches of ice falling off buildings as far south as Dallas, the coldest ever recorded temperature anywhere on Earth (in Antarctica), a ‘rare winter storm of Biblical proportions’ in Palestine, snow in Egypt, fireballs raining down from the sky, including one overhead explosion in Arizona whose shockwave shook buildings from Chandler to Flagstaff, two separate fireballs over Greece, heavy flooding in Rio de Janeiro washing away whole buildings, giant sinkholes swallowing cars and buildings the world over, including one in China that swallowed an entire hamlet of 11 buildings, hundreds of birds falling from the sky in Virginia, the strongest rainfall on record forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate southern China…
The following video is a sample of strange and extreme weather events that took place around the world in first two weeks of December 2013.


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