China’s Rich And Powerful Show Off Their Social Status By Attending Ritual Tiger Killings

China’s Rich And Powerful Show Off Their Social Status By Attending Ritual Tiger Killings


REUTERS/China Daily

A dead tiger is found during a police action in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, January 8, 2014.


More than 10 tigers have been killed as “visual feasts” to entertain officials and rich businessmen in a Chinese city, state media reported. 

Police in Zhanjiang in the southern province of Guangdong seized a freshly slaughtered tiger and multiple tiger products in a raid this month, said the Nanfang Daily, the mouthpiece of the provincial Communist Party.

Local officials and successful businesspeople gathered to watch the tigers being killed as “eye-openers” to show off their social stature, it said.

Video footage of a killing two years ago showed the tiger, kept in an iron cage, having an electrified iron mass prodded into its mouth with a wooden stick and passing out after being electrocuted for more than 10 seconds, the paper said.

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