Beekeepers and Activists Swarm Lowe’s Annual Shareholder Meeting in Charlotte Demanding an End to Bee-Killing Pesticides | Common Dreams

Beekeepers and Activists Swarm Lowe’s Annual Shareholder Meeting in Charlotte Demanding an End to Bee-Killing Pesticides | Common Dreams.

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#AskChevron: How Many Dead People in the Third World Does It Take to Extract 1 Barrel of Oil? | Common Dreams

#AskChevron: How Many Dead People in the Third World Does It Take to Extract 1 Barrel of Oil? | Common Dreams.

05.29.14 – 1:07 PM

#AskChevron: How Many Dead People in the Third World Does It Take to Extract 1 Barrel of Oil?

by Abby Zimet

Along with protests at Chevron’s annual shareholder meeting in Midland, Texas focused on the oil giant’s ongoing devastation of the Ecuadoran Amazon and its lengthy nasty fight to avoid any accountability for it, a new #AskChevron Twitter campaign asks vital questions like, “Do you  have any remorse about poisoning the Amazon?” and “Are you the devil?” Brought to you by Toxic Effect.



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The Cause Is Us: World on Verge of Sixth Extinction | Common Dreams

The Cause Is Us: World on Verge of Sixth Extinction | Common Dreams.


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7 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Cows

7 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Cows

7 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Cows

Cows are incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and sensitive animals who are among the gentle giants of the world. Despite weighing in excess of 1,400 lbs, they have no instinct to harm and can be a wonderful companion to those lucky enough to spend time in their presence.

Despite this, the vast majority of cows spend their lives confined to dreadful conditions on factory farms where they are subjected to all manner of cruel and inhumane practices so that we can exploit their bodies for milk and meat. When confined to the stalls of a large dairy or beef farm, they are unable to exhibit their natural behaviors, and this leads to a widespread misunderstanding of their true nature.

If you’ve never taken the time to consider the complex emotional capabilities of these sentient animals before, here are seven fascinating things you never knew about cows. If you don’t believe them to be true, contact your local farm animal sanctuary and arrange to meet one in Person!

1. Leap For Joy

Image credit: Farm Sanctuary | Connie Pugh

When cows are happy, they run around and leap into the air with excitement. There are some amazing photographs and videos of cows doing this when they are released into fresh green pasture after being kept inside for a period of time. Samuel the cow from Sanctuary Gaia did just this after he had been let into the field for the first time after an operation.

2. Get Excited When They Solve Problems

Image credit: Woodstock Animal Sanctuary

Cows are critical thinkers and they are able to solve complex problems. Researchers studying their problem solving capabilities noticed a distinctive spike in their heartbeat when they were successful in overcoming challenges. They are not so different from you or I in this respect.

3. Live for up to 20 Years

Image credit: Farm Sanctuary

Despite the fact that cows in the meat and dairy industry often don’t live over 5 years old, their natural lifespan is in excess of four times this. When cow’s bodies are intensively used by the dairy industry, their bodies cannot cope with the demands placed on them, and their vital organs begin to deteriorate after a very short amount of time. When milk production slows, they are sent to slaughter, while they are still effectively not even adults.

4. Remember Faces for Long Periods of Time

Image credit: Farm Sanctuary

Cows have amazing memories, and due to their social nature they are extremely good at remembering and recognizing faces. There have been many instances of cows running over to greet visitors at sanctuaries who have not seen them for six months or longer, yet the cow still recognizes them and comes over for a cuddle.

5. Nurse Their Calves for up to 3 Years

Image credit: El Hogar Pro Vegan

When given the chance, cows have been known to nurse their calves for as long as three years. They have extremely strong maternal bonds and are excellent parents to their young, with different herd members performing nurturing roles if required.

6. Grieve for their Loved Ones

Image credit: El Hogar Pro Vegan

It is common for cows to show very obvious signs of grief when a loved one is taken away from them. When a calf is taken away from its mother, she will scream and cry for many hours, and will not display her usual behaviors for a long time after that. They have even been known to walk for miles on end looking for their calves, all the time displaying visible signs of stress, anger and distress.

7. Love Cuddles and Affection

Image credit: Sanctuary Gaia

Anyone who has visited a farm animal sanctuary will tell you that cows are extremely affectionate and loving creatures. Cows who have been mistreated and abused in the past can take some time (as with all animals) to heal and learn to trust humans once more, but they do have an amazing capacity for forgiveness and understanding of the intentions of new people they meet. Cows love to lay in the sunshine and have strokes and rubs, and will happily follow around people they know are going to give them attention.

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BRAVO! Firefighter Heroes Save Wolf Pups From Massive Wildfire in Alaska

Firefighter Heroes Save Wolf Pups From Massive Wildfire in Alaska

After hearing the abandoned canines’ cries, the fire crew came to the rescue.

May 29, 2014


When one of the largest fires ever recorded in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula broke out last weekend, firefighters knew that they were in for a battle. But they didn’t expect to find five wolf pups left behind by their pack at an abandoned den.

The crew heard the canine cries while securing the western portion of the wildfire at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

“We actually cut through part of the den with the dozer and just kept going. Nobody realized anything,” firefighter Brian Nichols told the Peninsula Clarion. Then they found the pups, thirsty and covered in porcupine quills. Medics with the fire crew gave them sugar water and pulled out some of the quills before the Alaska Department of Fish and Game arrived at the scene.

“It’s just like holding a dog,” said Nichols. “They were hungry and trying to suckle on anything. It was just like holding a puppy.”

Department of Fish and Game officers rushed the wolf pups to a zoo in Anchorage, where they’ve been receiving medical care. One is on antibiotics and being fed more milk replacement to fatten up. A zoo staffer said that it wouldn’t be difficult to get the animals adopted.

All five, two females and three males, are expected to survive. They’ve been named after the rescue crews who saved them: Hooper Bay, Huslia, Stebbens, Gannet, and X-Ray.

Poorest horses: Horse slaughterhouse in Russia (VIDEO) …horses being slammed in the head with hammers l petition


russian version


Horse slaughterhouse in Russia (VIDEO) …horses being slammed in the head with hammers

To Whom It May Concern:    Конный спорт: Убийство лошадей на мясо. Россия

There is a video which has gone viral across the world of horses being slammed in the head with hammers. It comes from a film taken at a horse slaughterhouse in Russia. People concerned with animal welfare have seen this and a team of international animal activists will make sure everyone else does too. There is no law in Russia about the status of animals and we are requesting that you adopt such a law on the domestic, farm and wild animals.

These violent attacks on animals is beyond cruelty. This you cannot deny.

Here in this video link you will see the torture these horses endure:

I believe after witnessing the acts for yourself you find it within your power to bring an immediate halt to such vicious actions.

Thank you,


……………………………….your name





Illegal horse slaughter scandal in Spain

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is called IKEA meatballs with HORSEMEAT sold across EU.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Illegal horse slaughter in Spain

Thursday, May 29th, 2014, 17:43

Agents of the Guardia Civil in Spain since early this morning are working at an investigation of eight slaughterhouses in several provinces. Five people are said to have been arrested.

The meat processing companies are said to have acquired their meat illegally. The horse meat may be potentially harmful to health.

Police raided this morning the eight slaughterhouses. According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the police are on the trail of an organized gang which buys horses. These horses are not allowed to be sold for slaughter meat but the gang would nevertheless sell them to slaughterhouses.

Public health

One of those arrested is an animal trader. This person is a suspect of falsifying the papers of not only…

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MFA Shows Up at Walmart “Sustainability” Meeting in DC

May 27, 2014

MFA Shows Up at Walmart “Sustainability” Meeting in DC

Members of the prestigious Wharton Club of DC had to walk through picket lines last Friday if they were attending a talk about Walmart’s “sustainability initiatives” given by the company’s director of sustainability, Katherine Neebe.IMG_4461.jpgMFA staged an eye-catching demonstration that featured our supporters wielding signs declaring, “Walmart Tortures Animals” and bearing the images of abused pigs locked in filthy gestation crates.

The protest confronted Neebe over Walmart’s continued sourcing of pork from factory farms that confine sows in narrow cages so small the sows cannot even turn around — a cruel practice banned in many states and the subject of phaseouts by all of Walmart’s competitors.

IMG_4421.jpgGestation stalls are so cruel that they have been banned in nine U.S. states and the entire European Union, and have been denounced by leading animal welfare experts, including Dr. Temple Grandin. Dozens of food industry leaders, including Costco, Kroger, Safeway, McDonald’s, and Burger King, have committed to phasing out the use of gestation crates in their supply chains.

IMG_4349.jpgIt is reprehensible that Katherine Neebe and Walmart would lecture young business leaders about sustainability while continuing to support such horrible cruelty to animals.

IMG_4429.jpgWalmart supports blatant animal abuse by buying pork from suppliers that condemn intelligent and social animals to a lifetime of misery and deprivation in crates where they can’t even turn around, walk, lie down comfortably, or engage in other natural behaviors. The moment is now for Walmart to get with the times and follow the lead of all its major competitors. The only sustainable and socially responsible choice is to require the company’s pork suppliers to phase out cruel cages for mother pigs.

To take action and tell Walmart to do the right thing, visit today and sign our petition.