To Whom It May Concern:
I have just learned of Tania an Asian elephant at the Trgu Mures Zoo
whom is confined alone showing signs of distress due to not having enough space. She is confined to only 90 sq ft with no adequate habitat to fit her needs. It is appalling by the amount of space provided to her. Tania has no where near the amount of space needed whether she is inside or outside, the place is too small for any elephant. Even 10,000 sq ft. is not enough for her.
Due to extreme cold winters in Romania Tania is cooped up for six months at a time, which drives them insane, whether keepers are there or not. This has added acceleration to the deterioration of her feet. No vet can correct this as long as she cannot move, even in the small outside enclosure. Her feet will eventually kill her. Even though she is alone nothing can be solved by bringing in other elephants because there is not enough room for her and if they don’t get along one could be killed.
I would also like to address Tania’s insecure fencing. If electrified it could kill her and if not she could easily bolt out and the public could be in great danger. If they are unable to provide the proper security for her it could result in her being chained and leading to mental anguish. Signs of this would be swaying and bobbing which she already does.
Tania has shown too many signs of distress as you can see in the video links:
This link is to give you an idea of the habitat size required for an animal this large:
I ask that Tania be given the life every elephant deserves, one of freedom. As you are aware, thousands of people are horrified at her treatment, and even though new, they are inadequate facilities for Tania. I ask the authorities in control of her be made to let advocates transfer her to a sanctuary.
Yours faithfully,


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