“Human Enhancement” Kyo Nissho

Human enhancement.

Human is one of the phenomena.

There is universality in all phenomenon.

Human can sense existence of the cause
of a higher rank more
taking advantage of own universality.

Human’s universality is related to
various things’s universality of universe.

In order to react to the cause of a higher rank more,
the free imaginative power manifesting the possibility of
activity is used.
It is named a reaction system.

It is an effect of awakening.

The possibility of survival arises in the range
of the reaction system.
the reaction system is one axis which crosses
development in the world.

The process responding to universality
by the free reaction system
is a human enhancement about survival.

About a flow,
if there are a system of the concept
which human can act,
and given awakening which makes activity possible,
human enhancement will arise.

(C) Copyright 2014 Kyo Nissho. All rights reserved.

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