Using Body Mechanics for Dealing with Arthritis

Using Body Mechanics for Dealing with Arthritis


Arthritis is a top reason why many people fifteen years and older have disabilities. The good news is that there are a lot of natural and easy things that you can apply in order to live easily and pain free with the disease.

Only a few may realize this but observing the right body mechanics can help you manage arthritis. The way you handle your body greatly affects the degree of joint strain. With the right body mechanics you can conserve more energy and use your body to the utmost level. For example, when your job requires you to sit for long periods you need to have the proper table or chair height. The necessary work surface height is two inches below bent elbows. See to it that when you have established the right height you must have good foot and back support while sitting. When working with keyboard for long hours, see to it that your chair has arms or your table has forearm or wrist support. You should also increase you seat’s height to lessen hip and knee stress when standing up and sitting down.

Moreover, when you are standing, your work surface must be comfortable enough in a way that you are not forced to stoop. Arthritic patients also need to consider proper body mechanics when lifting objects or getting things on the floor. When reaching for item on the floor, hips and knees need to be bent while stooping. Or for worst cases, sit on a chair and then bend over to pick the item up. Carrying objects can be a hard task for arthritic patients. This is why when doing so you need to carry heavy items closer to your chest in order to support the weight of your forearms. Always maintain proper posture otherwise your muscles and ligaments can be strained with the improper weight distribution.

A person with arthritis experiences joint pain especially when maintaining the same position for a long time. As a friendly reminder, you should not provide any chance for your joints to become stiff. As much as possible you need to keep them moving. When you are writing, drawing, typing, or doing any handwork, make it a habit to release your grip every ten to fifteen minutes. When you are driving for long periods or watching television, stretch out every hour and move around.

Apart from maintaining the right body mechanic, you also need to balance rest periods and activities every day. Managing these efficiently can help you avoid overworking your joints.  Avoid rushing things and work steadily and moderately. Rest with intervals to avoid being fatigued or sore. Periodic breaks for stretching is very much.

Surviving arthritis is also about saving and using the stronger joint. Your weakest joint has to be saved or certain simple and light jobs. Through day, you can make use of large joints. An example would be using your palms to carry objects. Rather than lifting object you can always use equipments or tools to help you move heavy items.

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