It only takes one: How to fight the Monster: Restraints and seclusions happen at an alarming rate in psychiatric hospitals.

It only takes one: How to fight the Monster

please read this brlliant & important piece;

“Let us never forget that everything that Hitler did in Germany was legal at the time.” -Martin Luther King Jr.


Restraints and seclusions happen at an alarming rate in psychiatric hospitals.

What is a seclusion and restraint? It is a barbaric and outdated practice that is abusive and is completely unnecessary except in extreme cases.

I have spent 21 years in the system, going from a committed patient, perceived as “Mentally Ill,” and needing the State to intervene, to drug treatment 3 times, and jail 3 times. I have then become a staff member and supervisor at a drug rehab, at a jail, and at state psychiatric institutions. ….

The Satanist Mind

strange, strange… - by F. Kaskais

sav-379792.jpg(The face of evil. Jimmy Savile is tip of an iceberg, part of vast satanic ring.)

This important essay by Lyndon La Rouche describes how Satanism has always been a central part of Western “culture.” Jewish Cabalism (Freemasonry) originates in ancient satanic “mystery religions.” Their goal finds expression in the NWO: Transform humans into demons. Quite literally, we are being satanically possessed.

“Satanism is not “just another nutty occult fad.” The mind of the Satanist is pure evil; the Satanist is a former person who has been transformed into something no longer human.”

by Lyndon LaRouche
(The Real History of Satanism)
(Abridged by

Satanists already have numerous victims. Most of the sexual and related atrocities perpetrated upon “disappeared” infants and other children, are done as part of the rituals outlined in manuals of Satanist organizations. A leading police association has received expert estimate, that of all known murders, one…

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Welsh poet Dylan Thomas’s centenary

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This video is called Dylan Thomas reads “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night“.

By Sean Ledwith in Britain:

‘Do not go gentle’

Thursday 6th November 2014

2014 marks the centenary of Dylan Thomas’s birth. SEAN LEDWITH looks at the radical, and neglected, politics of the great Welsh poet and writer

Numerous radio and television programmes are appearing this year to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the celebrated Welsh poet and writer, Dylan Thomas.

Earlier this year, a fictionalised BBC film of his last few days perpetuated the most popular conception of Thomas as a phenomenal drinker and philanderer who also happened to be quite good at knocking out the odd bit of verse.

The film chose to depict the legendary story of Thomas’s last words — “I’ve had 18 straight whiskies… I think that’s the record” — even though recent scholarship indicates the…

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U.S. judge rejects death row inmate’s gripe over questionably kosher food

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U.S. judge rejects death row inmate’s gripe over questionably kosher food

Bug Out Bag for Dogs: Make sure your dog is prepared



Bugging out to the hills is a plan during a  event for a lot of preppers and we spend hours planning out what items to pack in our bug out bags. In the arc of prepping; after procuring food and water, it seems the natural focus of many preppers is the bug out bag. I think this is because the idea of having a bag filled with supplies that you can throw on your back and run out the door makes sense for most people. You can envision the last natural disaster you watched unfold on TV and picture yourself loading your family into the minivan and hitting the highway or trails ahead of the horde of desperate people who waited too long. Having the bug out bags your family needs ready to go could save hours of precious time in a…

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