Once I Cried

Allison Grayhurst


Once I Cried


Once I cried the conscious death,

reborn in the orb of humiliation,

mopping the slime off floors,

nausea permeating the base of my spine.


Once I was trapped in a wavering faith,

shifting in a restless sleep

from nightmare to being awake.

My skin was caked in lime, scorched by

the unharvested dream.


Quick the sky cracked as though scissors

sliced right through,

and the spell of suicidal defeat reshaped

into an era that was past and never to be relived.


The house door opened, the sore removed,

the picture frame expanded to encompass

more than I ever knew.


And now with rent unpaid and time

a driving axe, the grass looks gold

as my dignity blazes through the flood

like a beloved ship unchained.



Copyright © 1998 by Allison Grayhurst





First published in “The Poet Community”

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