Die Erde spricht     


Ihr habt mir großen Schmerz bereitet,


habt mich verletzt und ausgebeutet.


Seit ewig hab ich euch gegeben,


was alles ihr gebraucht zum Leben.


Ich gab euch Wasser, Nahrung, Licht,


lang hieltet ihr das Gleichgewicht,


habt urbar mich gemacht, gepflegt,


was ich euch bot, betreut, gehegt.


Doch in den letzten hundert Jahren


ist Satan wohl in euch gefahren.




Was in mir schlummert, wird geraubt,


weil ihr es zu besitzen glaubt.


Ihr bohrt nach Öl an tausend Stellen,


verschmutzt die Meere, Flüsse, Quellen,


umkreist mich sinnlos Tag und Nacht,


seid stolz, wie weit ihr es gebracht.


Habt furchtbar mich im Krieg versehrt,


kostbaren Lebensraum zerstört,


habt Pflanzen, Tiere ausgerottet,


wer mahnt, der wird von euch verspottet –


kennt Habgier, Geiz und Hochmut nur


und respektiert nicht die Natur.




Drum werde ich jetzt Zeichen setzen


und euch, so wie ihr mich, verletzen.


Ich werde keine Ruhe geben,


an allen meinen Teilen beben,


schick euch Tsunamiwellen hin,


die eure Strände überziehn.


Vulkane werden Asche spein,


verdunkelt wird die Sonne sein.


Ich bringe Wirbelstürme, Regen,


bald werden Berge sich bewegen,


was himmelhoch ihr habt errichtet,


mit einem Schlag wird es vernichtet,


und Blitze, wie ihr sie nicht kennt,


lass fahren ich vom Firmament.




Ich kann es noch viel ärger treiben,


drum lasst den Wahnsinn endlich bleiben!




Hört, Menschen, was die Erde spricht –


denn ihr braucht sie, sie braucht euch nicht!




How You Can Help the Animal Victims of the Nepal Earthquake

On Saturday April, 25th, a devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale hit the Kathmandu valley in Nepal. At the time of writing, over 5,000 people have been confirmed dead and the country’s Prime Minister has warned that the death toll may rise to 10,000 in the coming days. Charity, UNICEF, has said that more than one million children have been affected by the earthquake. Thousands of people are staying in temporary camps as homes have been destroyed and built-up areas are feared unsafe. Humanitarian aid workers, doctors, nurses and members of the public are now doing what they can to support the survivors of this tragedy in the aftermath of the largest earthquake to hit the region in over 80 years.

In addition to vital work being carried out to help the human victims of the earthquake, animal organizations have been working hard to offer support, veterinary care, shelter, food and water to animals in desperate need. Frightened and injured animals are receiving life-saving treatment at the hands of emergency vets and lost and abandoned companion animals are being cared for by rescuers. Like people, animals have been left without food, water and shelter and are at high risk of disease.

Below is information about four organizations that are working hard for animals in the midst of the devastation and how you can help them.

1. Animal Nepal

How You Can Help the Animal Victims of the Nepal Earthquake

Animal Nepal is a Nepalese NGO which works to deliver spay, neuter, and vaccination programs for stray animals as well as striving to improve the welfare of working donkeys and elephants.

An update on the organization’s Facebook Page confirmed that in the wake of the earthquake, they were in desperate need of donations to buy supplies, rebuild quarantine units for donkeys and dogs and conduct outreach in the worst affected villages of Lalitpur District. In addition, the team confirmed that five of the NGO’s team members’ homes were destroyed in the quake.

If you would like to support the group’s appeal for help, please donate via Animal Nepal’s website.

2. The KAT Center

The KAT center delivers an important spay, neuter, and vaccination program to some of Kathmandu’s 22,500 street dogs. Three days after the earthquake hit, the KAT Center reported: “due to the frequent tremors we had, some parts of the wall premises collapsed. We are doing our best to cover up the walls with everything we can to prevent the dogs from escaping. Also, we are currently facing huge problems with food and water.”

Despite the immense challenges being faced by the organization, staff from the KAT Center hit the streets of the city on Wednesday to deliver emergency care for animals who need them.

If you can support KAT’s emergency fund to help street animals in Kathmandu at this important time, please donate via their website.

3. Humane Society International


Humane Society International’s vet team is flying out to Nepal armed with veterinary medicines, vaccinations, surgical equipment, and other supplies. The organization confirmed that its team will support local animal welfare groups on the ground to reach animals in need.

A Humane Society International spokesperson explained in a press release, “When a disaster of this magnitude strikes, people, and animals living in the same community all fall victim to the devastating consequences. Many thousands of animals will likely be badly affected by the earthquake, alongside their human companions and owners.”

To donate to Humane Society International’s International Disaster Relief Fund, please visit their website.

4. World Animal Protection

International NGO, World Animal Protection, has an experienced disaster response team and vets and personnel from the expert organization flew out to Nepal on Tuesday evening. A spokesperson for World Animal Protection said:

“The scale of this disaster is catastrophic for both people and animals. Our team of disaster specialist vets are on their way to Kathmandu to give desperately needed help.”

To support World Animal Protection’s dedicated Disaster Response Fund, please visit their website to donate.

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Lead image source: World Animal Protection

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