Saving Micronesian megapodes in Palau

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This 25 April 2015 video is about a Micronesian megapode on Saipan island.

From BirdLife:

Biological monitoring on Kayangel Atoll handed over to the local people

By Palau Conservation Society, Wed, 09/12/2015 – 00:10

Developing the skills of local people to manage and protect their own natural environments and species is a key objective of BirdLife and its partners. Palau BirdLife partner, the Palau Conservation Society (PCS), has just achieved such a mile stone on Kayangel Atoll, where the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Services of Kayangel took over responsibility for the Kayangel Biological Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

It has been a four year programme of working together and on-the-ground training teaching the necessary skills. During the monitoring survey carried out at the end of October, Jennifer Ngwal, (Conservation Coordinator), with local staff, led a successful survey, the second survey for the year. The Kayangel Biological ME…

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