It’s the awareness that matters. It’s the seeing. It’s the breathing it in. It’s the realization, and the exhalation of darkness that makes the difference.

Truth is not truth without people to receive it. Blood spilt, not wet unless you can feel it. And death, not real unless you can hear it.

Without proof. Without pushing into the place of the dying. Without treading past ourselves into the world of the dividing. Evolution cannot be achieved. And redemption, never found for those that are silenced.

Cruelty does not exists unless there are eyes that can witness it. Atrocity – unseen unless the heart can feel it. This journey, it is about inhumanity and violence. About salvation and the plight of those that die in darkness.

People ask why document. People ask why breathe in torture.

Because if no one does. Because if no one bleeds their heart to smear the sweat of their blood. Then governments can deny it. Then people are unaware of it. Then the truth, it gets lost in the darkness.

As part of a larger goal, I hired a camera man from the states to accompany me on the first leg of the journey. He has been all over the world. To the Middle East. Documented the Rhino Trade. Watched the poor wither into the Earth and become the dying.

In just two days, he has shed more tears then I have.

In a way you could never understand, it has bought peace to this land. To watch tears fall and bleed from his hands. It means that I am not crazy. It means that this shit, it is as dark and as deep as I see it. It is blood. It is death.

It is the plight of the dying.

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Marc Chings Foto.


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