Rescue of 300 Dogs From Dog Meat Farm: . Tuck Wah Siew


On 14th May 2016, I spent my birthday with Nami Kim, a dog activist from Seoul who has spent the past 4 years campaigning against the dog meat trade in Korea.

Disguising as an International Animal Welfare Abuse Officer, we put pressure on the dog farm in Bucheon, South Korea, to shut its doors. It was terrifying. Many moments, I thought we going to get beaten up when tempers flared.

We were given a once-in-a-lifetime look into the bellows of a dog meat farm. It wasn’t easy; dozens and dozens in rusty cages; wagging their tails still at us despite what humans have done to them. At the back, the slaughter house, where fresh blood and meat still hung in the air. There is no way anyone witness this and keep their tears from flowing.

After hours of negotiation, the farmers relented – they are, in fact, not bad people, but this is the only life they know. They are willing to change if there is an alternative livelihood.

The first battle is won, but now comes the even larger one – of buying over the 300 dogs, then finding shelter for them, and paying for their medical bills. The money and manpower required for this project is tremendous: estimated to be more than USD, $50,000.

We need your help to donate to this massive project. You can donate to save the 300 dogs via:…
a fundraising page, set up by Soi Dog Foundation.

I have never asked for a birthday present, but on this birthday, I ask for your help to save the lives of these 300 dogs. Please help to share this video, so that the plight of millions of dogs in Korea will come to light. Nami Kim’s is blacklisted by the Korean government – her facebook is blocked in Korea such that she cannot even spread the word herself, requiring us to help her.

These dogs, need a home. They can be sent to homes all over the globe. Visit: to find out how to adopt a dog meat farm rescue.

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