GRAPHIC: Chinese dog thieves beaten by angry neighbours


Chinese dog thieves beaten by angry neighbours

The dog meat industry in Asia is slowly dying and every day more and more people are getting tired of dog thieves and are taking justice into their own hands.

Over the past few years, news of dog thieves getting attacked by locals are becoming more common. That is what happened recently in Wenzhou City and Yizhang County, China.

A dog thief in Wenzhou City who regularly supplied dog butchers in the area was caught by locals and beaten almost to death before the police arrived.


The man was stopped by neighbours while driving a van filled with dogs, some stray some stolen pets. The cage inside the van was overfull and he even had two live dogs hanging from the back of the car, one by the neck and the other by one leg.



According to SayNoToDogMeat.Net, the dogs were taken to a shelter.

On the same week, another two dog thieves were met by angry locals in Yizhang County, Hunan Province.

Neighbours tied them up and beat them furiously for nine hours before police arrived. One had also one of the dead dogs found in their car tied to his neck as a form of ‘shaming’.

Two Thieves Tortured By Angry Villagers

Two Thieves Tortured By Angry Villagers

Local Wei Pían said: “These strangers came into the village to steal from us. They needed to be taught a lesson. They were pretty scared when the dogs were tied around their necks. It was justice in our eyes. I doubt if they will try and come back and steal from us again”

When the authorities finally got to the scene, the enraged mob of people began attacking them and the police cars with iron bars and rocks for trying to help the dog thieves.

The residents demanded 1 million Yuan in exchange for the men. Several people just started laying down in front of the police cars to prevent them from taking the men to get medical help.

Public Security Bureau and Yizhang County officials had to intervene to end the protests. Several locals are now facing prison sentences for attacking a police officer. The two dog thieves are also in custody.

“It is most unfortunate that local residents lost control of themselves and now find themselves on the wrong side of the law. The focus gets shifted off the guilty dog thieves and onto residents who over stepped their boundaries, but are otherwise upstanding citizens. We will continue to follow this case,” stated SayNoToDogMeat.Net.


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