The Cameron Co Pound Would Give Edgar Allan Poe Nightmares


Cameron Co Animal Control in Texas picks up strays and does quarantine holds at its facility.  I had to dig around to find this document but apparently in 2010, the facility had a 1% adoption rate.  That is, of the 2611 animals the county took in, 27 were adopted/rescued.  The county killed 2158 animals, 17 were “released to wild” (I’m hoping those were actual wild animals) and 134 were returned to owner.  The 2010 kill rate was 83%.

The facility has 10 kennels, with 3 designated for quarantine.  There is no room for expansion.  There is no kill room and nowhere to cut off animals’ heads for rabies testing.  The killing and beheading of pets is done in the kennel area.  Most impounds are killed within 72 hours.

If you want to look for your lost pet or adopt a new one, you must either schedule an appointment or come…

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