Is a Pet Dog Really Killed by a Police Officer Every 98 Minutes?

2012 The Awakening

Meter readers and postal employees are equipped with mace to protect themselves from dog attacks. In the past, so were police officers or they called in animal control officers from the local shelter.

But, mace was replaced by tasers for people, and now guns are being used on our pets.

Take a look at the dogs in the video below, those weren’t vicioucs dogs trained to attack, they were family pets doing what comes natural – protecting the pack.

Where’s the outrage, why are we allowing this to reach epidemic proportions?? {~A~}


A new documentary promises to shed light on the size and scope of America’s under-covered “puppycide” epidemic.

In November 2012, police officers in Commerce City, Colorado, received a call about a large dog roaming free in a subdivision. Unbeknownst to the police or the caller, Chloe, a large, three-year-old mixed breed, was not an intruder…

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