Sue Wallis Had Her Ample Keister Handed To Her Again

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Editorial by Dave Featherly ~ Editor of the Cheyenne Herald, first printed March 27th, 2012

“Slaughterhouse” Sue is Detested in her own State, Too!

Along with a big keister, she has a big mouth. She’s a bully. She threatens. Tries to intimidate.

And while she casts a spell over a weak Wyoming Legislature by use of aggression, it hasn’t worked any- where else in the nation.

And it probably won’t.

The subject, as Cheyenne Herald readers are aware when the name “Slaughterhouse Sue” surfaces, is killing healthy horses for their meat for human consumption.

She has put her name on more corporation filing papers than Donald Trump. And, as many of his have, they’ve gone away.

She was planning a secretive effort in Cheyenne. A horse slaughter- house was going to be opened at the Cheyenne Stockyards facility along W. Lincolnway and the UP tracks.

She had a State…

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