Jail time for those who shot dogs in Arad County Romania-Pedeapsa cu inchisoare Petition

Petitioning Chief Commissioner Arad County Police Ioan-Marcu Tamas

Jail time for those who shot dogs in Arad County Romania-Pedeapsa cu inchisoare

Animals Rights Activists Romania


NOTE: the men in the photo are the shepherds 

We ask the Romanian authorities to punish at the full extend of all Romanian laws the individuals who attacked a sheep pen and shot dead dogs in Sintea Mare – Arad County , in the middle of the night, also threatening the shepherd living nearby to kill him if he does not call the dogs so they can shoot them all. The charges against them MUST include the “intentional killing of an animal” law 9/2008 – Art.6 paragraph 2 letter “a”.The complete story is in the article posted below.

Cerem autoritatilor romane sa pedepseasca in modul cel mai sever, ( cu inchisoare )conform legilor in vigoare , inclusiv legea 205/2004/9/2008  pentru protectia animalelor ( Art.6 alin 2, litera “a” – omorul cu intentie al unui animal ) pe acei indivizi care s-au nasputit noaptea la o stana din Sintea Mare, omorand un caine, amenintant si terorizand paznicul. Informatia completa se afla in articolul de mai jos 


Needless to say that Romania MUST start to SEND to jail those who commit acts of cruelty towards animals, and the refuse to do so, will only reflect the unwillingness of the authorities to apply a law in force at its fullest. This is unacceptable in a State of Law, a democratic country in the 21st century, a country member of the EU. 

Nu cred ca ar mai trebui sa spunem ca Romania TREBUIE sa inceapa sa trimita la puscarie pe cei care comit acte de cruzime asupra animalelor pentruca refuzul autoritatilor de a  o face nu duce decat la a demonstra ca nu se doreste aplicarea unei legi in forta in totalitatea ei. Acest refuz este inacceptabil pentru un Stat de Drept, o tara democratica, in secolul 21, tara membra UE.


Based on the fact that Local Police have already identified the perpetrators :  Cristian Chișmorie and Mihai Gagu we ask you to punish them in the MOST severe way based on all the Romanian laws they broke. These individual MUST go to JAIL.


Avand in vedere faptul ca infractorii au fost identificati : Cristian Chismorie si Mihai Gagu , cerem aplicarea celor mai severe pedepse , INCHISOARE, conform tuturor legilor in vigoare incalcate de acestia.


Thank You.



This petition will be delivered to:

  • Chief Commissioner Arad County Police
    Ioan-Marcu Tamas
  • Prefect of Arad County
    Cosmin Valentin Pribag
  • President Arad County Council
    Adrian Tilea










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