A New Mysterious Crop Circle Appeared Near Stonehenge

Tales from the Conspiratum

Great, it looks like aliens are into heavy metal music as well.

Source: A New Mysterious Crop Circle Appeared Near Stonehenge | Humans Are Free

Another mysterious crop circle has appeared in the field near Stonehenge. This design is just one kilometer away from the infamous and mysterious site. 

More and more crop circles have been appearing near Stonehenge over the last few decades.

This phenomenon is incredibly interesting, and has a lot of controversy surrounding it.

Many are quick to dismiss all crop circles as human made, even the most mind blowing intricate ones that seem almost impossible for us to have made.

Yes, some are made from humans, but ones with this level of accuracy are just otherworldly.

Over the years there have been many different designs with very specific purposes. Most of these crop circles have detailed sacred geometry within them, some seem to be codes for…

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