Photos Of Abandoned Olympic Venues Reveal Why The Games Are A Tragic Waste Of Money - by F. Kaskais

True Activist

Taxpayers in Brazil will spend over £3.8 billion to host the Games this year. Meanwhile, many of Rio’s citizens will watch the excitement from rooftops because they cannot afford to attend.


The Olympic Games are in full swing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but what few in the world know is that the majority of citizens in the lush country cannot even afford to attend the event which is costing taxpayers £3.8 billion. 

Indeed, the average Brazilian makes less than £400 a month, and cannot in good conscience spend the £23 for one ticket. In effect, many have been watching the Games from the rooftops of slums, and the photos captured by artists of them doing so paint an accurate picture of what blind consumerism has helped create in this world.

If you need more visual evidence to understand just how wasteful the Olympic Games are…

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