Wild Horse Sanctuary Herd Impounded — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

“Good and Bad News. Good News, the abuser will no longer be in charge of the care, or lack of care, of the former wild horses. They will be fed, with your help, assessed and adopted out. Bad News, there will be a time limit, allegedly, of December 1 where remaining horses will be auctioned off and that is when the kill buyers will circle and attempt to make a quick, bloody buck by selling the horses off to slaughter. Yesterday, a letter allegedly from the State’s Attorney, Steve Aberle was circulated among the advocacy, it’s validity has yet to be verified but the sources have been trustworthy in the past: The horses will not be returned to Karen without adequate guarantees that there will be adequate food, care, shelter and funds to maintain the horses. This means that many or all of the horses will probably have to be adopted or sold at auction. Dewey County and Ziebach County are not in a position to provide for long term care of the horses. Any animals that are not adopted will be sold at auction. This means that they will probably be purchased by those that will take the horses to slaughter. We would prefer to not see this happen, so the Dewey County Sheriff is keeping a list o f people who are willing to adopt some of the horses. If you or your organization is interested in preventing some of the horses from going to auction, I would encourage you to contact the Dewey County Sheriff to let him know that you are interested in adopting horses if we reach that point. The deadline for completing adoptions and proceeding to auction is December 1, 2016, so this does not leave a lot of time for those who want to adopt to step forward. Steve It is imperative that the horses be fed and there are several agencies/organizations set up to do so, likewise there are sanctuaries working in the background to find homes for the horses in question. Please stay tuned, your help will be needed.” ~ R.T.

via Wild Horse Sanctuary Herd Impounded — Straight from the Horse’s Heart


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