The Best Tweet Ever for Farmed Animals

Kirschner's Korner

If farmed animals had Twitter accounts, this tweet would have been the most retweeted in history. The tweet provides hope that the animal agriculture industry realizes its business is unsustainable–environmentally and in the court of public opinion.

Donnie Smith, the CEO of Tyson Foods, the largest killer of animals in the United States, recently reminded an audience that the world’s population is estimated to total 9 billion people by 2050, an increase of 2 billion people from 2016.

“As a result of this rapid growth, the world will need to responsibly produce twice as much food in 2050 as we produce today. With my simple little math, that means your generation will have to find a way to produce 4.5 trillion tonnes more food, on about the same amount of land and the same amount of water. And you’ll need to do this while maintaining the delicate balance between our need…

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