The EU And Its MEP’s Need To Step Up To The Plate And Actually Defend Animals; Not Give Us EU ‘Yukspeak’ And False Promises !

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


calf export Dover_NEW

One of my pictures of calves being exported from the UK in the past.  Note lower rear animals sucking the trailer bars; the need for milk ! – is this not what we hear from the CIWF investigations team today in Israel and Gaza ? – please click on the photo to be able to enlarge and see more detail.

calf crate_NEW

Fortunately no longer the process, but the old method – a (UK ?) calf restrained in a Dutch veal crate.

.. and then the Eurogroup realise the bloody obvious that welfare campaigners have been telling them about for the last 20 years –

Their statement says:

Strasbourg – At today’s meeting of the Intergroup on the Conservation and Welfare of Animals, Members of the European Parliament heard about the consistent failure of member states to enforce Regulation EC 1/2005 which causes millions of animals every year to suffer unnecessarily…

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