PROPHECY: ‘Mass Animal Deaths In October’

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PROPHECY: “Mass Animal Deaths In October”


it is so sad to see all these wonderful creations of God’s dying in such mass. But it was foretold in Prophecy. For those of us who know the truth, see the truth, hear the truth, we know what is yet to come. What amazes me is that the worldly world may report this but does not draw any conclusions as to why the mass dying and connect the dots. They do not have a clue in any form or way. I feel that they simply just do not want to know or simply just do not care. Wow to this creation called worldly mankind for his eyes will not see and his ears will not hear and his soul is empty and hart has grown cold. Pray for the people that will be lost. pray for the Animals that they will be spared pain in there passing. Amen

thismallTHE | ECONOMIC COLLAPSE | FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON | MELTDOWN | BLOG is digging for the Truth Deep Down the Rabbit Hole , in Order to Prepare to Survive & Thrive the coming bFinancial Apocalypse/b & bEconomic Collapse/b & be Ready for The Resistance to Tyranny and The NWO , Minds are like parachutes…….They only function when they are Open so Free Your Mind and come on join the ride/small/i

Source: PROPHECY: ‘Mass Animal Deaths In October’


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