Little Dog in “Shelter” in Breasta Howls in Despair: But he is rescued!

Dog howls in despair

The reality at the Breasta public shelter, Craiova, Romania is
difficult to cope with. A video posted by a local animal rights activist shows
a powerless dog crying in distress, begging to be rescued from the egregious
conditions at the facility.

The rescuer tried to pet and confort him, but the dog still howls in
immense pain. No one really knows what this poor soul has gone through there.
It is hard to imagine. One thing is certain: no animal should be forced to go
through this.

Animals at this shelter are thrown in small, dirty kennels, with no
medical attention. Food and water are scarce. Staff at the shelter rely mostly
on volunteers, who are doing an amazing job taking care of these poor souls.




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