Victory! Dog Confiscated After Video of Owner Abusing the Animal on the Subway Goes Viral

Victory! Dog Confiscated After Video of Owner Abusing the Animal on the Subway Goes Viral



Michelle Neff
August 9, 2017
Victory! Thanks to animal lovers worldwide who voiced their concerns over a viral video that shows a woman biting and hitting a dog on a train in Toronto, Canada, the dog has now been seized by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
The video (warning: it’s graphic) shows the woman repeatedly yanking on the dog’s leash, grabbing the dog by the back of his/her neck and biting the dog’s face, resulting in her getting fur stuck in her teeth.
This certainly wasn’t a situation to take lightly. Animal abuse is strongly linked with other forms of abuse, such as domestic violence and child abuse. One study found that animal abuse occurred in 88 percent of homes where child abuse had been discovered. In fact, animal abusers are five times more likely to abuse people.
Understandably and rightfully, passengers on the train were appalled and immediately called the police and filed a report. The police came to the train station and interviewed the woman, as well as witnesses, and gave her a warning, releasing her with the dog due to insufficient evidence.
But thanks to the good Samaritan, Roxy Huang, who took the now viral video footage, police then brought to the troubling incident to the attention of the Ontario SPCA. From there, the dog was seized and placed in protective custody. The owner now has charges pending for animal cruelty.
Thanks to the compassionate people on the train, as well as millions of online commentators who voiced their outrage, the dog is now out of harm’s way and will hopefully find a loving, peaceful forever home.
Please always speak up if you see animal abuse by calling the proper authorities. It’s important we speak up for those who cannot!
Image source: Roxy Huang/YouTube


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