PETA’s Latest “Drive-By” Campaign, Free Speech or Dangerous Harassment?

Speaking of Research

It’s no secret that academic institutions conduct a significant share of the world’s health research. It is also common knowledge that colleges and universities have a strong commitment to free speech and open dialogue. However, in the era of fake news, alternative facts and increasing division, are there limits? When does free speech cross the line and become harassment? Is a person or group free from blame if their speech contradicts established data or worse yet, leads to menacing acts or violence?

PETA billboard 8 18 copy PETA billboard near the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. Image: Twitter.

These questions will likely come up in the days and weeks ahead in response to a newly-launched PETA campaign targeting America’s seven National Primate Research Centers. Last week, the animal rights group placed a billboard near the Yerkes primate center. The billboard – shown above –  openly accuses researchers who study animals of murder. As is almost…

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