Dying Badger Cries Will be Used to Judge Humaneness of Cull



Dying Badger Cries Will be Used to Judge Humaneness of Cull http://youtu.be/bUzME_7Th70

by Alicia Graef
June 7, 2013
10:00 am

Dying Badger Cries Will be Used to Judge Humaneness of Cull

Debates continue to surround the UK’s controversial badger cull and new information that the sounds of dying badgers will be used to judge the humaneness of pilot cull programs in Somerset and Gloucestershire is adding fuel to the fire.

The cull was approved in February to supposedly help stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis, but animal advocates and scientists have long opposed the slaughter and say that killing badgers will do nothing to help stop the spread of the disease. Even where the science is accepted, some believe the culls are still being pushed as a means to pacify some farmers.

Confidential documents obtained by the Humane Society International/UK have added further controversy by bringing to light the fact…

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London wildlife garden in danger — Dear Kitty. Some blog | Spiritandanimal

This 25 September 2018 from London, England video says about itself: Save Reginald House and the Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden campaign Lewisham Council and Peabody are planning to destroy the Old Tidemill Garden in Deptford, and Reginald House, and 16 structurally sound council flats next door, as part of a housing development. Campaigners occupied the […]

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Swans and cliffs of Rügen island

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This June 2014 German video is about Lohme village on Rügen island in Germany, and a sunset there.

After 9 October 2018 on Rügen came 10 October.

Sunrise, 10 October 2018

This photo is about the 10 October 2018 sunrise.

Rügen, 10 October 2018

This photo shows some of the cliffs of Rügen, near Sassnitz town, later in the morning.

Mute swans, 10 October 2018

Close to the shore, these mute swans.

Seaweed, 10 October 2018

On the shore, this seaweed.

Trees, 10 October 2018

On the Rügen cliffs, the trees grow close to the shore.

In Lohme village, house sparrows use the house martin nests of summer to spend the night.

Meanwhile, more cranes keep arriving from Scandinavia.

This 24 September 2011 video is about cranes at RÜgen.

Stay tuned for more Rügen blog posts!

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Unpalatable: Eating insects helps to curb climate change — Watts Up With That?

This essay was sent unsolicited to me, and while I consider the topic pointless for western cultures, it’s worth a read just to see how other parts of the world think – Anthony Guest essay by Sameer Pokhrel Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal Where going vegan is suggested as one of the better alternatives to reduce […]

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An der Nordsee geschlüpft: Aus diesem Küken wird ein Terrorvogel


An der Nordsee geschlüpft: Aus diesem Küken wird ein Terrorvogel

Nachwuchs bei den Seriemas im Westküstenpark in St. Peter-Ording

St. Peter-Ording – Besonders ungewöhnlichen Nachwuchs gibt es nun an der schleswig-holsteinischen Nordsee in St. Peter-Ording. Im Westküstenpark haben die Seriemas späten Nachwuchs bekommen.

Das Seriema-Küken ist erst wenige Tage alt.
Das Seriema-Küken ist erst wenige Tage alt.

Das Küken kam vor einigen Tagen in einem Nest in vier Metern Höhe zur Welt, wie Parkleiter Peter Marke sagte.

Die Eltern hätten zu spät mit der Brut begonnen. Doch jetzt im Herbst seien die Nächte zu lang und zu kalt, um das Vogel-Baby optimal zu versorgen.

“In der freien Natur hätte es kaum eine Chance.” Daher werde es mit der Hand aufgezogen.

Serimas gelten als die letzten Verwandten des vor 18.000 Jahren ausgestorbenen “Terrorvogels” (Phorusrhacidae). Sie werden oft als “lebende Fossile” bezeichnet.

Sie leben in trockenen Savannen Südamerikas, sind schlechte Flieger und klettern selbst zum Übernachten am liebsten zu Fuß in Bäume.

In ihrer Heimat werden handzahme Seriemas von den Menschen gerne als “Wächter” eingesetzt: Wenn sich Raubtiere oder Unbekannte nähern, warnen die Vögel mit lauten Rufen vor den Ankömmlingen.

Heimisch sind die Seriemas in Südamerika.

owners-who-used-dog-for-sex-jailed-while-dog-paid-ultimate-price-of-death/ BUBBA + — spiritandanimal.wordpress.com


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On Tuesday afternoon, Aurora Animal Services euthanized a dog his owners used for sex acts. While his owner, Frederick Manzanares was sentenced to six months in jail, Bubba the dog paid the ultimate price of death.
According to the Denver Post, the staff at the Aurora Animal Services Division determined Bubba could not be safely adopted. The dog became aggressive after Manzanares surrendered him in July as he and his girlfriend Janette Solano, were being prosecuted for using the dog for sex.

Fredrick Blue Manzanares (Photo courtesy of Aurora Police Department)
An investigation began in April when the Aurora Police Department were notified concerning a domestic dispute. When authorities met Solana at a nearby gas station, she told the police officer she and Manzanares had an argument, and he had been pressuring her to have sex with their Akita mix dog named Bubba. Manzanares had been researching bestiality and insisted Solana keep an open mind.
Manzanares built a customized bench with padding to facilitate the sex acts with Bubba including spraying a hormone on the dog to arouse him. Police seized photos and videos of the couple and the dog having sex. Solano told police she had become “somewhat jealous” of her boyfriend’s relationship with the dog.
Jenee Shipman, a manager with the Aurora Animal Services stated Bubba could not be rehabilitated or adopted out.

“It is my opinion this dog is not a safe adoption candidate or transfer candidate based on the history, kennel behavior and continued aggression observed daily.”
In addition to six-months in jail, Manzanares, 51, will be on probation for two years after pleading guilty to two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty. Solano received a deferred sentence for a single count of animal cruelty.
Rest in peace Bubba.

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